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In December of 1993, my partner, Phil Garfinkel and I, met in an on-line (computer) medical forum. We began discussing the difficulties we each encountered in obtaining easily understandable medical information. From our discussions, Med Help International Inc. began to take shape and although we had never met, we incorporated MHLI in April of 1994. The motivating force behind the creation of our business is deeply personal to each of us. Phil's daughter at the age of 2, was diagnosed with an ependymoma which is a malignant brain tumor. Correspondingly my mother at age 61 was diagnosed with urticaria pigmentosa. Since both these illnesses are relatively rare, there was a paucity of information available and even less written in lay terminology. In our respective cases, life and death decisions regarding treatment were necessary, thereby exacerbating our situations.

It was because of our experiences that we realized a need for medical information written in uncomplicated terminology. We reasoned that there must be many other people in the world who have had difficulty in finding help for their illnesses and who do not have access to the physicians and research materials that we are fortunate enough to have through our work.

Most all of the medical information available today is written in technical/scientific language which makes it nearly incomprehensible to the average person. In an effort to bridge the gap, Med Help International Inc. (MHLI) offers to patients and their families, medical information, supplied in lay terminology.

MHLI has assembled a team of board certified physicians and health care professionals (all volunteer), who will provide medical information and interpret diagnoses into easily understood terminology for consumers throughout the world. Additionally, MHLI has set up a free Bulletin Board Service (BBS) which allows individuals with personal computers and modems to dial-in for information, or to meet other people who may have similar illnesses. The MHLI BBS has a number of libraries containing hundreds of reports, on a variety of diseases and this number increases daily. All of this information can be accessed on-line, and is free of charge.

We also offer individualized research services into specific illnesses, biologicals being tested or diseases which are not readily available in our on-line library. This research takes quite a bit of time and effort and we therefore charge a nominal fee ($20) for each research request, to cover the expenses incurred. The results of the research will then be posted in our library for others to access free of charge.