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What Others Are Saying About Obstetric Myths

"Unencumbered by the burden of conventional obstetrical thinking, Ms. Goer takes a fresh look at current customs in maternity care. Using logic, common sense, and the latest scientific findings, she has written an incisive critique, inspiring us all--physicians, midwives, childbirth educators, nurses, doulas, and expectant parents--to rethink and question routine care as it exists today. This is 'must' reading for all who participate in maternity care."

Penny Simkin, P.T., Childbirth educator, doula, doula-trainer
co-author of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn author of The Birth Partner


"Every so often, a book comes along that is truly useful and will become indispensible in a given field. Henci Goer has given us just such a book. . . . No longer will obstetricians be able to claim science as their justification for the intense technologization of birth! This book will empower all those who seek to provide alternatives to technobirth, including midwives, childbirth educators, and holistic physicians, by showing how strongly science is on their side."

Robbie E. Davis-Floyd, Ph.D.
author of Birth as an American Rite of Passage


"Maternity care as we know it is based on myths that are hammered home as truths. This book offers the chance to break free from the pessimistic model and embrace one of genuine health care. Ms. Goer teaches you how to understand the medical/obstetric literature. . . . She also shows through the literature how midwifery and out-of-hospital birth are scientifically valid and more likely to result in a healthy mother and baby."

Roberta M. Scaer, M.S.S.
co-author of A Good Birth, A Safe Birth


"An extremely scholarly and detailed evaluation of the many controversial interventions and issues involved in obstetrical care."

Marshall H. Klaus, M.D., Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco
co-author of Mothering the Mother


"Compelling reading. . . . The book is a mine of information."

British Medical Journal


"Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities has neatly compiled . . . a comprehensive reference book and resource for both caregivers and laypersons. . . . The book provides a solid reservoir of documentation to support her case. The writing is clear and down-to-earth, the examples and quotations are entertaining, and the abstracts provide accurate summaries. . . . You can be sure that this thoroughly researched "Guide to the Medical Literature" in obstetrics will be a frequently used reference."

Diony Young,
editor of Birth


"The author . . . demonstrates a unique talent in demystifying the medical research and supplying the reader with an armamentarium for critiquing published studies and applying the conclusions to a safe and humane plan of care for pregnancy and birth."

Judith Carveth,
Journal of Nurse-Midwifery


"Henci Goer deserves our thanks and admiration. Her book should be read and discussed by all who have an interest in maternity care. Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities might just get us thinking, wondering, and perhaps even improving maternity care." Penny Simkin, Childbirth Instructor Magazine "Henci Goer has brought together a book based on research realities to help us understand pregnancy and the myths of technology."

Jill Cohen,
associate editor, Midwifery Today


"Goer's book is a comprehensive, well organized, scholarly yet readable book which will be studied and cited for many years to come by individuals and groups interested in improving women's health care. . . . Henci Goer has given the American public a much-needed tool for reclaiming the ancient and essential profession of midwifery.

Ina May Gaskin,
editor, Birth Gazette


"I was initially sceptical of the ability of an American childbirth educator . . . to provide any serious insight into the issues surrounding British childbirth practices. However, this is an extremely well written and scholarly book that provides a detailed and intelligent evaluation of many of the central issues within obstetric care."

MIDIRS Midwifery Digest


"Your book is brilliant. . . . It should be read by every medical student, every midwife, every childbirth educator, every sociologist of childbirth, every researcher, every woman who is picking her way through the minefield of decisions that need to be made about obstetric care. You write in a clear, concise, vivid style, and that is a major achievement as you cover and analyse such a wide range of subjects."

Sheila Kitzinger


"This book is written so that readers can easily find the information they want. It is scholarly, yet understandable to people without medical training. . . . Highly recommended."

Kimberly Mangun,
managing editor of Midwifery Today, The Birthkit, a publication of Midwifery Today


"Your book is outstanding."

Jan Whitcomb,
author of Teaching Natural Childbirth


"If you want to know what the scientifically proven facts abot obstetrics are, Henci Goer has collected them for you in this easy-to-read book. . . . Obstetric Myths vs. Research Realities is well worth the price.

Kellie Way,
the Clarion, publication of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)


"Thank you for your time and talents that you've put into this research. I'm so excited about it."
"I think your book is a major contribution to the subject of childbirth."

midwifery students


"I can't put your book down."
"I have been devouring your book--and loving it!"

Bradley-certified childbirth educators


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