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When I was a little girl, I used to day-dream that I could magically shrink our public library to the size of a small charm, so I could carry it with me wherever I went. When I wanted a book, all I'd have to do is grow the building just large enough for me to crawl inside and find what I needed. Then I'd bring the book to full-size, shrink the library back down again, and sit under a tree and read!

My desk-top computer is a little too big to carry around with me (and would be a bit awkward to use as a piece of jewelry!) but it does give me access to books, magazines, newspapers, journals and other information of all kinds from all over the world. Just wait a few a years and I'll have that jewelry-sized computer, too!



Experimental Hypertext Fiction

Some of the books in the "Fiction" category are also in hypertext format, but usually only to the extent of breaking a larger work into chapters. True hypertext fiction is still very much in its infancy and very experimental. Here are some of my favorite experiments. (Also see Special hypertext collections and About Web Publishing and Hypertext)



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