Global Storm

Welcome to the 21st Century! Photo of anti-G8 demonstrations at Genoa, Italy, July 2001. Photo courtesy of Azione Globale dei Popoli.

Global Storm: The following is a slightly revised version of the first half of my dissertation (a hydra-headed beast available here), converted into a free-standing book. Note that the latter half of the dissertation is being converted into a book project on information culture, tentatively titled Penguin Planet.


Introduction (45 KB)

Chapter 1: Monopoly Capital and History (111 KB)

Chapter 2: Ontologies of Empire (122 KB)

Chapter 3: Labors of the Concept (113 KB)

Chapter 4: Beyond the National Security State (97 KB)

Chapter 5: Theories of the New Metropoles (102 KB)

Chapter 6: Global Resistances (95 KB)

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