Gateway to East and Southeast Asia

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Antara News from Indonesia
Asahi Daily Japan
China International Info Center Gateway to China
China People's Daily News from China
Green-Left Weekly News from Australia
Hankyoreh News from Korea (in English, Korean version is here)
Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism Excellent articles and commentary
Nhan Dan News from Vietnam
Shanghai Daily News from Shanghai
VOV News News from Vietnam

Asian Development Bank Comprehensive statistics
ASEAN East Asian integration is kicking into high gear
Asiazilla Predators of the Silicon Jungle
Dagong Global Credit Rating Accountants of Asiazilla (in English, Chinese version here)
Keiretsu Watch The keiretsu are investing heavily in high-tech
Japan Information Network Links to things Japanese
Japan Post Banking behemoth
Japan Ministry of Finance Comprehensive data on Japanese economy
People's Bank of China (PBOC) Bank of Asiazilla (in English, Chinese version here)
Temasek Singapore's admirable industrial policy
Japan Bank for International Cooperation East Asian development bank
Vietnam Economic Times One, two, many developmental states

Asia Times News and commentary from an East Asian perspective
Asian Monitor Resource Center Spotlight on labor issues in Asia
China Study Group Spotlight on China
Japan Communist Party Japanese Lefties
Korea International Labour Foundation Info and commentary on Korean workers

Anime Turnpike Fansites and resources
Barry's Temple of Godzilla The ultimate chomp 'n stomp Neo-Tokyo romp
Hayao Miyazaki Anime's greatest filmmaker
Hong Kong Film Festival East Asian film
Inside Indonesia Commentary on Indonesian culture, politics, society
Madhouse Home studio of anime genius Satoshi Kon
Neon Genesis Evangelion The better angels of our nature battle the better nature of our angels. One of the transcendental works of the 20th century, the creation of Hideaki Anno and the enormously talented team at Gainax
Korean Film Observatory Annual reports on Korean film
Korea Culture and Content Agency Korean animation and media
South Korean Film Resources and reviews

Susan Napier. Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke (Palgrave: 2000). A sample chapter of the book is available from Palgrave in PDF format here.
Robert Wade. Wrote the classic text on Taiwan's cagey developmental state, Governing the Market.
Michael Gerlach. Author of Alliance Capitalism, the classic work describing the internal organization of the Japanese keiretsu.
Alice Amsden. Asia's Next Giant: South Korea and Late Industrialization. How Korea got rich: by breaking every single rule in the IMF-World Bank playbook.
David Friedman. Author of The Misunderstood Miracle, covering regional development policy in Japan, and currently at New America foundation.
James C. Scott. The Moral Economy of the Peasant. Peasants are smarter than you think.
Meredith Woo-Cumings. Editor of The Developmental State and author of Race to the Swift.