Gateway to Eurasia

Al-Ahram News from Egypt
Al-Jazeera News from Middle East
BBC World Service News from UK
The Day News from Ukraine
Deutsche Welle News from Germany
EU News All the latest from Euroworld
Le Monde News from France
Radio France News from France
Russia Today News from Russia
Tageszeitung News from Germany
Voice of Russia Radio news from Russia

Developmental State

Bank of Russia Almost no debt and half a trillion in the bank
EECA The sinews of Silicon Europe
EUREKA Brain of the Eurostate
European Association of Public Banks Mighty engine of accumulation
European Central Bank Steward of Earth's newest world reserve currency
European Investment Bank Financial CPU of Euro-integration
European Research Area R & D center of the Eurostate
Eurostat Tons of statistics
MEDEA EU's silicon tentacle-farm
Rusnano Playground of the nanobears
Truth and Beauty Topnotch economic and geopolitical analysis from Eric Kraus
Arab European League Doing some fine work on the front lines of EU multiculturalism
Bearzilla The Bear is back and putting the R in the BRICS
CEE Bankwatch Working to democratize the EU's public banks
European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) Comprehensive info on the EU's admirable welfare states
European Union (EU) Main gateway to EU
EU External Relations Fair trade makes good neighbors
EU Charter of Fundamental Rights The inalienable human rights of all EU citizens
European Parliament Building transnational democracy
Eurogreens Green parties of the EU
Free Gaza Helping to break Israelo-apartheid's ghastly and illegal blockade of 1.5 million human beings
IG Metall Workers of Europe, unite!
International Criminal Court Let the people of Earth judge
Tryzubzilla [pronounced Trey-zoo-zilla] Ukraine's developmental state powers up
MFA Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) Linchpin of the multipolar world

Al-Jadid Magazine Art, literature, politics of Arabic-speaking region (in English translation)
Croteam Serious gaming from the Zagreb Express
Central European Review Spotlight on Central and Eastern Europe
Cineuropa EU media site
The ExileD Satirical webzine. Sharp, stinging, and occasionally uproarious
Elfriede Jelinek The great Austrian writer, with a fine collection of essays (in German)
EACEA EU's Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
EU Culture Portal "Just step into the portal, and I will take that as a yes..."
European Audiovisual Laboratory Annual reports and data on EU media
The European Library Millions of documents online
Jadaliyya Webzine of Arabic-speaking politics and culture (in English)
MEDIA The EU's media investment program
Naji Al-Ali Site commemorating the great Palestinian cartoonist
Remedy Home of Sam Lake, visionary creator of Max Payne
MC Solaar Solaar rocks the Euro mike
Jan Svankmajer The great Czech animator
Pierre Bourdieu Online bibliography of one of the EU's greatest thinkers
Theodor Adorno The first great theorist of multinational capitalism

Eurobanks Majority shareholders of Earth Inc.
Euroindustry Eurobiz (old data, will update at some point)