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Avast, ye sky-pirates, Viera warriors, open commons guerillas, anti-Metal Gear operatives and interstellar visitors, there be neoliberal demons to battle, eco-developmental states to build and transnational media to plunder!

Media Links

Media Critique

Best of the Blogs Keep informed
California Newsreel African and US documentary film
Facets Multimedia World collection
Internet Movie Database Films, TV, games
Indymedia Free your screen
Radio Indymedia Free your spectrum

Behind the News Radio from Doug Henwood
Culture Maps Timelines from 1500 to 2006
Cultural Theory Free your mind
JumpCut Film and media analysis
Media Matters Radio from Bob McChesney
PCA/ACA Popular Culture Association (US)
Uplink Videogame culture



Yellow River, Blue Pacific Why Can Xue is one of the great artists of our time (2006)
Satellite Uplink The information culture as global resistance
The Tale of Kieu as Postcolonial Classic One of the greatest verse novels in world history (2003)
The World is Watching Analysis of video culture 1967-1995
(published 2003 by Southern Illinois UP
Global Storm Excursus on Adorno (2001)

Asiazilla, Bolivarzilla and Bearzilla The rise of the global semi-periphery (2009)
Post-American Geopolitics The EU and East Asia consolidate their rule (2006)
The Constellation in Art Critical theory and videogame culture (2004)
East Asian Tropes In Miyazaki's Spirited Away Just what it says (2004)
Comparative Literature in the 21st Century Reinventing culture studies (2003)
21st Century Geopolitics The EU and East Asia take charge (2003)
Adorno as Multinational Marxist What Adorno can offer the Global Resistance (2002)
S11: The Day the Empire Died Requiem for the US Empire (2001) 

The Global Resistance


Amnesty International Fighting for human rights
LabourStart Networkers of the world, unite!
Left Business Observer Finest Left newszine on the planet. Check out LBO editor Doug Henwood's weekly radio show on WBAI. LBO archives are here, radio archives here
MRZine Roundup from the Monthly Review
Third World Network Analysis, reports, documents
Union of Concerned Scientists Evolving human society
UN News Keeping the peace
World Public Opinion What the world is thinking

Late Capitalism or Industrial Society? Original translation of Adorno's 1968 lecture
Minima Moralia Original translation of Adorno's classic text
Negative Dialectics Original translation of Adorno's masterpiece
Theses on History Original translation of Benjamin's meditation on history and resistance
The Work of Art in the Age of its Technical Reproducibility
Original translation of Benjamin's essay on cinema
Works by Heiner Mueller Original translations of the German playwright


Global Biz

Gateway to Africa News, media and culture
Gateway to East/Southeast Asia China, Pacific Rim,
SE Asia
Gateway to Eurasia EU, Russia, Central Asia
Gateway to Latin America The revolt against neoliberalism deepens
Gateway to North America Tracking the Empire's decline

Gateway to South Asia South Asia and environs
Immanuel Wallerstein World-systems analysis

BIS X-ray of global financial system
ECB Masters of the Euroverse
Gardner Report Global machine-tools market
Global Economic Forum Surveys from Morgan Stanley
Forex Reserves The semi-periphery powers up
SWF Institute Sovereign wealth funds
OECD Leading think-tank of the rich countries
World Tourism Organization Visit your neigbors
Nomi Prins Keeping track of the $20+ trillion post-Neoliberal Bailout