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The Third Age has ended, and the Fourth Age, the Age of Multipolarity, has begun.

Dahr Jamail Independent journalism
Democracy Now Topnotch reporting from Amy Goodman and company

ABI World America goes bust
ASCE Report Card 2009 ASCE on America's collapsing infrastructure
Calculated Risk Useful data and statistics
Dr Housing Bubble Tracking the wreckage of the biggest bubble and bust in history
Federal Reserve Flow-of-Funds X-ray of US credit structure. Watch as private debt mushrooms from 100% of GDP in 1980 to 375% in 2008.
World Machine Tools 1997-2003 Historical overview of machine tool market

Black Agenda Report Incisive analysis from Glen Ford and others
Crimes of US Empire The deity of Nemesis draws near
Change to Win Revitalizing US labor (AFL-CIO is here)
Council for a Liveable World End the military-industrial complex, before it ends us all
Green Party of US Planting the seeds of a post-Imperial US
Healthcare Now! Single payer is a moral, social, and most of all economic necessity
Michael Moore The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
Post-Cold War Parallels The collapse of the USSR and the decline of the US have more in common than you might think
PNHP Health care is a human right
WashTech Pioneering nanosocialism

Austin Film Festival Films, events and armadillo-cam
CARLA Language teaching in US
Powells Portland's coolest bookstore and 100% union