I've been into recording and manipulating sound since my brother gave me a reel of tape back in 1967 with Spike Jones on side one and the Beatles '65 on the other. Ten years later I had filled over 600 reels. Anybody want to buy a real to reel deck? I've got a couple more than I need.
I've recorded jazz, blues, and rock groups professionally since the late 70's. The first 3 tapes by Eagle Park Slim were recorded in my livingroom.
In the early 80's I put together a sound system and started providing sound reinforcement for local bands. Some of the equipment I built myself, the rest I bought used from friends who were bailing out of the music industry.
Some of the folks I've worked with are:

  • Curtis Salgado and In Yo' Face
  • J. Gallows & the Executioners
  • Crawdads of Pure Love
  • The Core
  • More Time
  • Blues Club Project
  • Bad Daddies
  • The Crows
  • Mike Denny Quintet
  • Teddy Boy Roix
  • The Soulsations
  • People's Choice
  • None if Any
  • The Blues Bears with Tim Ryan
  • Calliope
  • Brothers of the Balladee
  • Rubert Pupkin Quintet
  • Thee Existers
  • Caracas
  • The Bluetones
  • Single Mary
  • The Milkmen

  • I worked a while at Acoustic Science, Art Noxon's company that manufactures acoustic treatments for sound studios and auditoriums. In making his patented Tube Traps, I learned much about the prevention of standing waves and corner reflections.

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