I've done promo videos for local bands and corporations, documentaries on St. Vincent de Paul and on Euthenasia.
I consider Taxol and Yew to be the most significant.

TAXOL AND YEW, from producer/director David Heine and videographer Erich Boekelheide tells the twisted tale of the Yew tree from its legend and lore to its wholesale felling in the Pacific Northwest for the miracle cancer fighter, Taxol in its bark.
Melodious narration from Sparky Roberts accompanies winsome tunes, written and performed by Tim Pate to tell the multifaceted story of the oldest living trees. Their thin red bark peeled away from their moist white wooden bodies so that many cancers might be cured.
Every major player involved was interviewed in this drama of science and business coming head to head with politics, myth and ecology.
Jesse Nazareth of Mediacraft Associates was executive producer and provided the high calibre editing system which we used.
This classic documentary aired on OPBS and local independent stations.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are topics of national public debate. Unfortunately, to a large degree the focus has centered on an eccentric pathologist from Michigan, Dr. Jack Kevorkian and his vision of assisted suicide. Beyond this bright media spotlight, what are the issues, what are the choices and eventually who will make these choices? This fascinating documentary delves deeply into a wide range of differing viewpoints. Dramatic and historical perspectives enhance and expand this timely presentation. Combined with a series of interviews, viewers will find themselves placed on the front line of this important issue.
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