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Eugene Media Action is a committee of Eugene PeaceWorks working to educate
and empower citizens to view themselves as media critics and activists. Media activism can range from lobbying mainstream media for more accuracy, fairness and diversity to supporting or even becoming the independent media. During our seven-year history, we have sponsored many national and regional speakers who have addressed media issues.

We were a primary group helping to organize in Eugene the Peace Justice and Media conference where Jim Hightower and Molly Ivins spoke and we've co-sponsored a speaking panel with Daniel Ellsberg, Norman Solomon and Medea Benjamin. Another past project included a weekly film festival at Cozmic Pizza where over a dozen political films were shown to the public for free. 

Currently we have campaigns to have the progressive column of Norman
Solomon reinstated into the Register Guard newspaper and _to put the public back into public broadcasting_ in Oregon beginning with KLCC and the Jefferson Network. We often table at major community events with media related materials and welcome volunteers with or without media experience join our group.
Contact: David Zupan
Eugene Media Action
Phone: 541-484-9167