Collaboration In Progress

One Planet Household Utilities 2050
tinkering at the sovereign :: regenerate intersect

One Planet Footprint
Low Impact Dwelling

Lammas EcoVillage
Off All Grids
Outdoor Lifestye
Zero Waste
Rain Harvesting
BioChar Cisterns
Living Fence / Hedgerows / Coppicing
Ephremerality / Non-inheritability
Wild Animal Co-habitability

Natural Building

Ondol - Under floor Heating
Mycelium Insulation
  Pallet Cob
Charcoal Plaster

Living roof
Korean Hanok

The BioChar Hearth

Domestic Carbon Crafting

Whirly Girl Can Stove
Estufa Finca Stove

Chris Farmer - Youtube

Fuel Stock Routine
Stove Making Routine

Charcoal Products

Hot Rock Tek
Cultivating Indigenous Micro Organisms

Decolonize the palate
The One-Mile Diet
Wild Tending

Korean Fermentation
Warming Fermentation Cabinets
Insect Nurseries

Veganic Gardening
Eat the Trees / Perennials
Urban Foraging
 Invasive Species as Staples

Terra Preta Sanitation
Food Web Maker

Amazonian Legacy

TPS Flow Chart

Urine Centric
BioChar Compost Mixture
Lacto Fermentation / Bokashi
Black Soldier Flies