Collaboration In Progress

Commons Household 2050
Re-inventing the Eco-Keystone Human Habitat

The BioChar Hearth
Domestic Carbon Crafting

Fuel Stock Routine
Stove Making Routine
Tinder Box
Grate Adjusting
Flame Regulation
Quenching / Snuffing

Whirly Girl Can Stove
Estufa Finca Stove

Chris Farmer
The Probiotic Kitchen
Cultivating Indigenous Micro Organisms

Korean Fermentation
Veganic Gardening
Invasive Species as Staples
The One-Mile Diet
Wild Tending
Urban Foraging
Eat the Trees

Terra Preta Sanitation
Living Food Soil Web Maker

Urine Centric
BioChar Mixture
Lacto Fermentation
Black Soldier Flies

One Planet Footprint
Low Impact Dwelling

Mushroom Insulation
Charcoal Cob and Plasters
Under floor Heating - Ondol
Rain Harvesting
Hot Rock Tek
Outside Lifestyle
Zero Waste