EarthBirth Inquiry

Our inquiry into human gestation as planetary geophysiology is revealing the extra-embryonic compartment to be a practicable model for organizing knowledge of the biosphere (gaia); and likewise, the various arrangements of the embryo/fetal package are drawing a holonomic map of a global implicate organism (gnosa), which has co-arisen with(in) the biosphere as a separable, but systemically coupled, entity.

Suggesting these directions

Identic function will be realized through a comparison of their developmental courses.
We are constructing a comparative timeline to further this direction.
A scientific description of this entity can be initiated through configuring fetal neuro-cardio algorithms as lattice for ordering the evolution of global semiotic consciousness.
  • Eukaryotic multicellularity has generated a mesocosm that is specifically psycho-trophic to the global gnosa.
We endeavor to ascertain the placenta's role in fetal dreaming while transposing that info-imagery onto the planet's eukaryotic burgeon.
  • Human mythosis is an exigency of planetary parturition.
The gestational analog is located in the finalizing terrain of fetal endo-psychism.
We monitor research in parturient psycho-physiology seeking isometry with Gaia's hominid era.
  • Offer human birth to the planet's holologic event horizon.


Extra-embryonic development holologically portrays the evolution of the biosphere. 

Fetal gestation choreomaps the supersensible autopoietics that comprise a global implicate organism. 

The organizational dynamics of human birth describe the crucible that our planet has become, offering the conceptual framework for integrating human knowledge with future planetary behavior.