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Earth Birthing Research
Using Human Gestation to Organize the Earth's Biography

Earth Birthing Research assembles a planetary history by comparing global geophysiology to human reproductive psycho-physiology. This premise allows healthy human pregnancy to be an autopoietic summary of Life's 3.8 billion-year history with Earth. We further this premise by viewing human birth as the rosetta window onto our planet's present circumstances.

Our inquiry into human gestation as an analog for planetary geophysiology is revealing the extra-embryonic compartment to be a practicable model for organizing knowledge of the biosphere (Gaia) and likewise, the various arrangements of the embryo/fetal package are drawing a holonomic map of a global implicate organism (Gnosa), which has co-arisen with(in) the biosphere as a separable, but systemically coupled entity.
     Suggesting these directions:

Identic function may be realized through a comparison of their developmental courses.
We are constructing a comparative timeline to help further this realization.

A scientific description of this entity can be initiated through configuring fetal neuro-cardio algorithms
as lattice for ordering the evolution of global semiotic consciousness.
  • Eukaryotic multicellularity has generated a mesocosm that is specifically psycho-trophic to the global gnosa.
We endeavor to ascertain the placenta's metabolic and structural response to fetal dreaming
while transposing that imagery onto the planet's eukaryotic burgeon.

  • Human mythosis is an exigency of planetary parturition.
The gestational analog is located in the finalizing terrain of fetal endo-psychism.
We monitor research in parturient psycho-physiology seeking isometry with Gaia's hominid era.

  • Offer the design of human birth to the planet's holologic event horizon.


Extra-embryonic (placental) development holologically portrays the evolution of the biosphere. 

Fetal gestation choreomaps the supersensible autopoietics that comprise a global implicate organism. 

The organizational dynamic of human birth describes the crucible that our planet has become, offering the conceptual framework for integrating human knowledge with future planetary behavior.