Acorns for Food

Primary Articles
Acorns and Eat'em by Suellen Ocean
35 vegitarian recipes and kitchen counter-top processing method

Use of Acorns for Food in California: Past, Present, Future
By David A. Bainbridge  - 1986
Dry Lands Research Institute
University of California

Permaculture activist

Tyrant Farms
Arcadian Abe
Sam Thayer
Orchid Black's Tutorial
Julia Parker
Peggy Spring

Indigenous Imagery
Finn's Indigenous Fact Sheet

California Indian Acorn Culture

The National Archives
The Acorn and Some Other Wild Nuts
by Charles Francis Saunders. (Chapter 4) (.pdf)
The Acorn, A Possible Neglected Source of Food
By C.Hart Merriam - Chief of the U.S. Biological Survey
National Geographic Magazine 1918

Tribal Uses for California Black Oak (.pdf)

Early Pomo Documentary

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