Photographs by

Bob Sanov

"Ammonite fossil, Madagascar"

"Nautilus Shell"

"Chambered Nautilus"

"Kelp Tangle, Bandon"

"Tree, Shore Acres"

"Homage to Ansel Adams"

"Zabriskie Point, Death Valley"

"Ancient Bristlecone Pine"

"Dunescape 2006 #3"

"Meditation, Shore Acres"

"Beaver Creek Falls"

"Trail Stairway, Sweet Creek"

"Nude with Cello"

"Nude, Rocking Chair"

"Victoria @ Edward Weston's home"

"Nita @ Cole Weston's home"

"Erin @ Edward Weston's studio"

"Brian, Monterey, CA."

Bob's website on Gallery Direct

Bob Sanov, a resident of Florence, is a fine-art photographer working
exclusively in large format black & white (non-digital) print making.
His work has been exhibited extensively in Southern California
galleries...Gallery 825, Artist's Gallery, Los Angeles Photography Center,
Century Gallery, Museum of Art Los Angeles and in Eugene at the Jacobs
Gallery as part of the Mayor's Art Show 2003 and at DIVA.
His work has also been published in "Best of Photography Annual" for
1994,1996 and 2003 and is included in several private collections.

A previous show at DIVA in Downtown Eugene. Weekly