PhotoZone Portfolio Exchange

In 1991 the PhotoZone members voted to create an exchange portfolio. Each member brought in several of their favorite pieces to be juried by the group. One print was chosen and each member was to print one each for all of the members. At that time we had about 18 members and of course all had to be printed in the dark room. Once done each participating member got a whole portfolio.

Later the process evolved into a traveling portfolio which included images from memebers that joined later. Some members had several prints in the traveling show as reflected here. The work was shown in several venues in Oregon.

Bill Anderson

Dave Ball #1

Dave Ball #2

"Dave Ball #3"

Dave Ball #4

Dave Ball #5

Bill Bauslaugh

Harry Houchins #1

Harry Houchins #2

Eric Brandt

Alan Brigham #1

Alan Brigham #2

Clark Carson

John Coggins #1

John Coggins 2

Charles Davenport #1

Charles Davenport #2

Deborah Weese

Dan Hartman

Chris Johnsen

Herman Krieger #1

Herman Krieger #2

Walt O'Brien

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