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Yep; it's me, hanging out in the little nature preserve in back of C. S. Lewis's house in Oxford, England.

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Garrison Hilliard is an internationally published poet, writer, and skeptic whose work has appeared in many literary magazines and university journals. A selection of some of the magazines his writings have appeared in include SHAWNEE SILHOUETTE, RHODODENDRON, INNISFREE, PROPHETIC VOICES, WHISPER, LEATHERNECK: THE OFFICIAL MARINE MAGAZINE, and many others. Garrison's works of imaginative erotica have also received widespread publication, with his work appearing in nearly all of the leading ribald magazines, including HUSTLER, SCREW, PENTHOUSE, CHIC, et al. Mr. Hilliard has a listing in "Who's Who of American Poets & Writers", and is currently finding new outlets for his literary works via that miracle of the late twentieth century, the INTERNET.

...and what the fuck

were you doing out

with a little horse

on a night like that


And here's that Israeli con guy Uri Geller failing to be psychic on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show"!

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And here's a pretty woman, nude, not doing anything sexual at all and since nudity per se has not been legally established as being obscene or indecent, it's a statement of free speech! Take that, net-prudes!

Nice, eh?