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Personal Pages

Glitter Gutter I think of her as a sort of sibling...just more carnal.

Jessica Floyd's Page Terribly beautiful, and her writings are magnifcent!

Revana's Place Links, pictures, midi, and facinating stories.

Rina's World A bit of personal history, a message board, and a links page to be reconed with.

Stephe's T* Page!" A fellow androgyn with links, stories, photos, and more.

Transgender Homepage Many links and sections to choose from (especially nice is the story exchange).

Yvonne's Place for Crossdressers Many wonderful thoughts, ideas, and a lovely hostess.

Resource Pages

Androgyny RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions) A field-day for compulsive quantifiers like myself.

International Transgender Magazine Various articles and a gallery. (updated monthly)

Transgendered Network International Personals, chat, shopping, and more.

Transgender Forum Another fine collection of links and resources.

Transgender Links (by Jill Ambrose) Lots and lots of links on most every topic.

TransWorld Links, message boards, chat, and more.

Pretty Pictures

Crap! When cleaning out broken links this catagory was wiped out. I will do some searches and fill it back in when I can.

Shopping & Services

The Hidden Woman Specialising in MtoF makeovers. *sigh* Reno memories.

I'm always looking for new links. If you have a site you think would fit in, please email me.