The Starfleet Medical Reference Manual (FASA) sez:



Physiological Data:
Average Height:			(male) 2.3 meters
				(female) 1.8 meters

Average Weight: 		(male) 70 kilos
				(female) 45 kilos

Temperature/Pulse/Respiration	102/110/28

Life Expectancy:		(male) 129 years
				(female) 134 years

The Andorian retina is composed entirely of tone-sensitive rods, and is incapable of discriminating between differing wavelengths of light. Therefore, the addition of color to the Andorian's vision is accomplished by the dual antennae which, in addition to being auditory receptors, are made up of a complex network of wavelength-sensitive cones. Owing to the highly directional nature of the antennae, the corona of vision is perceived by the subject in tones of grey. Because of this correlation of four independent light-receptive organs, Andorian vision can correctly be termed "quadriscopic", resulting in relatively (humanoid) superior depth perception. Andorian auditory capabilities are highly developed, and Andorians are capable of distinguishing from among a wider variety of audio frequencies than is normal for humanoids. Because of the monodirectional antennae, Andorians usually tend to listen with their heads tilted slightly downwards. Note the limited exoskeleton.

Yon FASA game Supplement sez:


ANdorian physiology has influenced every aspect of Andorian life, from the laws and mores of the Andorian people to their history and their relations with other races of the Federation. With their robin's egg blue skin color and pure white hair, the physical appearance of Andorians is remarkable in the Federation. This color pattern is due to the high concentration of cobalt in the hemoglobin of Andorian red corpuscles.
In general the humanoids of Andor are believed to have originated among the ice and glaciers of the polar continent in the southern hemisphere of the planet. As Andorians are endothermic to a degree, they have difficulty keeping their temperatures down to the usual 57 degrees C when in temperatures over 44 degrees C. At higher temperatures, they lose their highly-touted logical minds, and tend to become cunningly violent.
Standard gravity for Andor is approximately 1.17 times the Terran G.