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[ 6.30.2003 ]

Thryn: "I just want you to be a bit more gay, I don't want you to be anally raped by incarcerated felons!"

[ Lazy Htrag @ 18:05]

* * * *
[ 4.22.2003 ]
Yaj, on the finer points of Magic TG: "So the question is, is removing your pants an instant speed action, or is it a sorcery?"

[ Ica Beastmaster @ 00:06]

* * * *
[ 4.19.2003 ]
Htrag: "I don't care how good the money is, I am not stripping at a Bar Mitzvah."

[ Lazy Htrag @ 03:14]

* * * *
[ 4.16.2003 ]
THE SCENE: All are sitting on the couch. YAJ has crusts from dinner (y'know, bread crusts, from a sandwich). ICA steals one.

ICA: Oooh, crusts!

THRYN: Crusts? I wanna steal a crust!

THRYN grabs a crust.

YAJ: Must everyone steal my food?

HTRAG pops out his pocketknife.

HTRAG: I'll steal a testicle!

YAJ pops out his knife.

YAJ: Try it, dude.

THRYN: Um ... can we not have a knife fight directly over me? There're more than enough testicles to go around.

[ Lazy Htrag @ 23:01]

* * * *
[ 4.10.2003 ]
Tonight Thryn and I went to Koji's, a Japanese joint downtown, and partook of much sushi. The following are excerpts from the conversation on the drive home. It should be pointed out that Thryn had no food before dinner tonight and has been under considerable stress.

T: I ... am full of fish. (repeated ad nauseum)

T: Let's get a dog. And name him Full of Fish.
H: No!
T: Why not?
H: That's a terrible name for a dog!
T: Full of Fish is a wonderful name for a dog.
H: I'm going to bite you.
T: We could get a second dog, and name him that.
H: What?
T: I'm Going To Bite You.
H: So we'd have a dog named Full of Fish, and one named I'm Going To Bite You?
T: Yes!
H: ... we could call one Fishy, and one Bitey.
T: That would be a great name for a greyhound. Full of Fish. "And it's Full of Fish, in second place!"

[ Lazy Htrag @ 20:20]

* * * *
[ 4.7.2003 ]
Thryn: ::runs into Ica's room with smarmy look on face:: Hey, baby.... wanna three-way...... Magic? [The Gathering card game]

Ica: ::blinks:: Excuse me, I have to post to the blog.

[ Ica Beastmaster @ 22:28]

* * * *
Thryn: "I mean, my god. If I can't buy pot on the Reed campus --"
Ica: "-- then the terrorists have already won."

[ Lazy Htrag @ 21:24]

* * * *
[ 4.6.2003 ]
Which Denizen of the Apartment of Ill Repute Are You?


[ Mighty Thryn @ 15:50]

* * * *
[ 4.2.2003 ]
Blog has been moved off blogspot to some of my space on Eugene Freenet. Both Reed and ATT Broadband failed to host blog acceptably. Losers. Also, there will soon be a FAQ, and the cast has been moved to a separate page, and at some point we may even have MORE content. Yay content!

[ Lazy Htrag @ 15:08]

* * * *
[ 4.1.2003 ]
It's April fools day. The results of my recent qual have not yet been announced. My professor is a sadistic bastard.

I'm very, very scared right now.

[ Mighty Thryn @ 13:04]

* * * *
[ 3.31.2003 ]
Thryn: "... and we can take Mia [Ica's old box] and run the blog off that."
Htrag: "You mean, make Mia into a dedicated Linux box and use her as a server?"
Thryn: "Yeah ... now say 'dedicated Linux server' again."
Htrag: "... dedicated Linux server?"
Thryn: "Mmmmmm. Take me now."

[ Lazy Htrag @ 15:33]

* * * *
If we start calling ourselves the Fantastic Four, does that make us cool or stupid?

[ Mighty Thryn @ 15:28]

* * * *
We have no Iguana. It's all in Thryn's head. The tinfoil hat has clearly not protected her from the mind control rays.

Not that we expected it to. The hold of the mind control rays is strong on that one.

[ Ica Beastmaster @ 13:23]

* * * *
Hello, world!
I'm wearing a tinfoil hat! And talking to my iguana!

[ Mighty Thryn @ 11:29]

* * * *
Reprinted from elsewhere, but I thought this would make a suitable opening anecdote, sort of set the mood of our little apartment...

"You have one -- no, you have TWO purposes around here! One is cleaning, the other is cock, and I don't require cock right now, so clean my kitchen!"
- Thryn, to me, last night

[ Lazy Htrag @ 11:07]

* * * *
[ 3.30.2003 ]
And so it begins ...

[ Cluxxor Chicken @ 23:55]

* * * *

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