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Who are we? Why are we here? What's this sattelite dish doing in my -- oh, nevermind. We got one out of three.
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Dramatis Personae


MIGHTY THRYN, fiercest of the household, quite possibly in charge, wants everything to be clean. Always. Claims to own Htrag (a claim he sometimes contests). A junior biochemistry major at a small liberal-arts college, and thus possessed of no free time and less sanity.

ICA the BEASTMASTER, animal wrangler and chef extrordinaire, generally posessed of irrational exuberance and insane cheerfulness.

LAZY HTRAG, resident sloth-like psuedohick. Tends to spend days sleeping and laying about, and nights off doing crazy things (search & rescue, riding ambulances, you name it...). Has far too many toys. A devoted fan of COPS, to the dismay of pretty much everyone.

SATURNINE YAJ, typically reserved, armed with righteousness and a devious skill at source citation, aims to purge the earth of all infidels and Republicans. Squeals humorously when poked. A part-time resident of the House.


BEHEMOTH, a parrotlet. Very small, very green, very fierce. Firmly believes herself to be eight feet tall and Death On The Wing.

WIDGET and GADGET, rats. Devilishly cute. Will eat anything, including fingers.

DOLPH, MR. BONGO, ZOE, and MIA, House computers, belonging (respectively) to Htrag, Thryn, and Ica (both Zoe and Mia). Mia is currently defunct, but may at somedate be resurrected, Universal Soldier-style, as a Linux server.

And of course CLUXX0R, your omniscient narrating bionic cyberchicken. (Note: Does not really exist).

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