Creative Writing of Garth

Please feel free to read, and if you read and you think anything about my work, good bad or ugly, please drop me an email or instant message (check the contact info page for lots of ways to bother me). A word of warning -- for any young children who may have gotten here, mature themes and content are present, so wait till mommy and daddy are out of the room before reading. And tell them you learned a new word today... can you say "bullshit," kids? Good! Enjoy! FICTION Life in Rain: A Willamette Valley Quartet Notes: Four short-shorts written for my creative writing class. They are intended to fit together; at the same time each one is a more-or-less independent story that will make sense by itself, though the third fails somewhat in this regard. Oh well. Commentary is greatly appreciated. NON-FICTION Notes: This is what comes of reading too much Tom Wolfe. It was originally written as prose, but is formatted here more as poetry, something in-between, I'd suppose. To get a good idea of what influenced this, go read anything out of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid test, or The Right Stuff. If you don't know who Tom Wolfe is, shame on you. Notes: Some ruminations spawned after running one evening late in the summer of my senior year. Notably to be the only thing I've ever gotten published; it appeared in the local newspaper. All work represented herein is copyright (C) 2000 by Garth Melnick. Copying this work without the author's express permission may result in legal action, tactical nuclear strikes, and/or bad karma.