Mustelid Photography, Part Dva

Some pictures of the forest (well, the acre or so of trees and such) near my house taken with a digital camera. Straight links to the jpegs.

One : The field leading to the forest (technically a public park). Looking south.

Two : Right next to the treeline seen at the back of the field in the first pic. Looking east. There's a gravel road right behind me. Note my dog, Abby. She's clinically insane; 8 years old and she firmly believes she's a puppy.

Three : Headed back on one of the paths into the woods. Looking south. The road is to the right; to the left is the gully.

Four : Down into the gully. It runs across more or less the northern border of the forested area. In fact the whole area is an old overgrown golf course; the patterns of field and forest somewhat suggest fairways. If I had my way it'd all be let grow, but I'm not a city parks engineer and the damn frisbee golfers have to get their rocks off somewhere.

Five : Actually down in the middle of the gully. The picture can't convey how nice it is down there.

Six : The first back field, south of the gully, sloping up to the main forested area. Looking east. The gully is to the right.

Seven : Headed up towards the second back field and the main forested area. Looking south. Note the wide path; something else I don't like. Deer trails or thereabouts are fine. But since the frisbee golfers came, the paths keep multiplying and getting wider.

Eight : Looking down the second backfield. Looking east. Note the charming bike jump. Not very wild, I know. But peaceful. Or it would be, without the damned frisbee golfers.

Nine : Walking in the main forested area. Maybe an acre or so. Looking south.

Ten : Looking off the path into the forest in general; another field is beyond the trees. This is a lighter area in terms of vegetation.

Eleven : The big trees that make up the top layer of the canopy. Evergreens. Very big, very old, very powerful. Cool guys.

More to come...