Garth's Letter To The OCA

Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 16:21:34 -0800 (PST) From: Garth Melnick To: Subject: Heterosexuality Questionnaire on your webpage Dear OCA, I was examining the content of your web site, ( and I noticed you had posted a heterosexuality questionnaire ( as evidence that GLSEN etc. is trying to (I'm quoting from your webpage here) "corrupt the morals of an entire generation." Now, if I'm not mistaken, most or all of the questions in this questionnaire are similar if not identical to questions used by groups such as yourselves, with the term 'homosexual(ity)' replaced with 'heterosexual(ity).' (e.g., 'Is it possible heterosexuality is a phase you will grow out of?' vis a vis 'Is it possible homosexuality is a phase you will grow out of?') I am forced to wonder, from your treatment of this questionnaire, if you are familiar with the term 'irony.' Allow me to provide you with a definition taken from the Random House College Dictionary: 'irony: n., 1. a figure of speech in which the words express a meaning that is often the direct opposite of the intended meaning.' I would also suggest you examine the terms 'satire' and 'sarcasm' in a reliable dictionary. Now, it seems obvious to me that this questionnaire is intended as satirical or ironic: The point of the questionnaire, seen as irony, is not to make reader re-examine their own sexuality, but rather consider and examine the questions asked by anti-homosexuality groups such as yourselves. However, it seems equally obvious to me from your treatment of this questionnaire on your website that you believe it to be serious, and indeed the point of this letter is simply to point out that it is, in all likelihood, intended as irony and/or satire. I could take the time to point out the obvious fallacies this creates in your argument, but I leave it as an intellectual excersise to you. I have no doubt of your intent to show that there is a "homosexual agenda" to corrupt the youth of America, but I'm rather curious if you wished to appear as blind literalists. Sincerely, Garth Melnick