CDC Reeve Quotes, or 'You Can't Say That In Lecture!'

"Among the many shocks humankind has had to absorb over the millenia, several are particularly ... shocking." "They're like God, but they're like frogs, too." "... and perhaps Aspiration will hold up the picture of the svelte you, that will soon become the obese you ..." (aristocratic British accent) "Oh, you've tortured my wife to death. How frightfully bad of you." "Somewhere between the Italian who gets furious when someone stops their car in front of him, and thinks that if he had a gun he would kill them and their entire family, and the stoic British gentleman, lies the Aristotelian mean ..." "You have a reptilian brain. If you get somebody riled up, blood stops flowing to their frontal lobes and they think flee or kill." (Pause. Prof. Reeve looks at lecture hall.) "I could demonstrate ..."