night is falling

in the great tangled concrete&steel jungle, thick flakes of darkness like
inverted snow soaking up the light, no more sunlight, instead orange
streetlights white headlights garish neonlights flashing coplights, 

hymns from a church mixing with laconic bass beats from a passing car,

go down Moses, 

but there's no salvation here,
no Elohim Amitabha Jesus Vishnu Allah to lift you up, 
no one to save you when you're passed out in an alley, the warmth is just
final-stage hypothermia and the glow at the end of the tunnel a cop's

way down to Egypt land,

no one to lead an exodus, no way out of the maze, 

looking to score or flipping burgers or holding up joints or selling

running and trying and hating and crying and living and dying, 

tell old Pharoh,

night just gets hotter, a paradoxical inversion, like the world is a great
fat-dripping hunk of bloody meat turning with inevitable slowness impaled
on an iron spit, 

as dead as the girl who OD'd in the back room or the baby who starved in
the crib or the the man who got shot over five bucks or the mother who got
hit by a bus, 

we're all dead but we just don't know it, 

let my people go,

darkness dropping the curtain on another day's act, 

oh Moses go down,

night is falling night MUST fall, 

let my people go,

and night is falling  

night    is     falling     

night        is       falling


Copyright (C) 2000 Garth Melnick