Erick Heroux

Department of English

National Chengchi University

Taipei   116   Taiwan

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PhD, English, University of Oregon, 1997.   Dissertation on “The Ideology of Information & The Tactics of Literature.”    Advisor: Suzanne Clark 


            BA, Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1989




Assistant Professor.  Department of English.  National Chengchi University, Taiwan.  Sept 1999 - Present.   Undergraduate courses in language, composition, survey of American Literature to 1865, contemporary novel, survey of British Romanticism, introduction to literary theory.  Semester course studying 12 documentary films about current global social crises.  Year-long “Advanced College English” course covered readings in sociology, science, and psychology.

            Graduate seminars: “Postmodern Cultural Theory”, “American Multicultural Poetry”, “Literature & Globalization”,  “Literature and Imperialism”, "The Transatlantic Imaginary", "Romantic Ecology", “Survey of Contemporary Literary Theory”, “Imagined Communities”, and “Feminist Utopias”.


Assistant Professor, part time visiting.  National Donghua University.  Taiwan.  Sept 1999 - Jan 2000.  Taught one semester survey of American Literature, Colonialism to 1865. 


Assistant Professor.  Department of Foreign Languages.  Tamsui Oxford University College  (now called Alethia University).  Tanshui, Taiwan.   Sept 1998 - July 1999.  Undergraduate courses in language and literature:  “The Novel”, “Postmodernism”, and “Gender, Race, & Class in Hollywood”.   


Postdoc adjunct Instructor of composition.   University of Oregon.   Fall Term, 1997.


Writing Technology Consultant.  University of Oregon.  Winter Term, 1995.   Gave workshops for instructors about software, and designed web site for the Composition Program.


Graduate Teaching Fellow.  University of Oregon, Dept of English.   1991 - 1996.  Designed  and taught fifteen courses: Composition, Intro to Poetry, Intro to Fiction and Drama,  and survey of American Literature up to 1865.  



Conference Papers:


            The Ecology of Discourse & The Three Domains of Reality”.  Humanities and Sustainability: Ecology in the Information Age.   Florida Gulf Coast University.  Fort Myers, Florida. 5/9/2009.   (paper read in absentia by proxy)


            "The Scientist, the Poet, and the Politician: Three Discourses in MindWalk".  The Fourth Tamkang International Conference on Ecological Discourse.  Tamsui, Taiwan.  5/2008. 


       {invited lecture} "Social Mediation of the Spectacle: The Situationist Theory of the Image".          

         Taipei National University of Art.  Department of Fine Arts, "On Image" series.  5/03/2007. 


"Unsustainable Tragedy and Sustainable Comedy".   Sustainability and the Literary Imagination: Transdiciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives.  International Conference at National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, 11/18/2006.


"The Ecology of Discourse and the Trajectory of Literary Studies".  The 6th Wenshan Conference on English and  American Literature.  Taipei, 3/11/2006.


"The Proto-complexity of Henry Adams".  Modern Language Association (MLA) Annual Convention.  Special Panel on Modernism & Science.  Philadelphia, 12/29/2004.


“Early Warnings about the Globalization of the American Dream: Babbitt and Brave New World.” The10th National Conference on English & American Literature in the R.O.C.  Shih-Hsin University, Chingmei, Taiwan, 12/2002.


“Polycentric Poet in the (Re)New World.”  Multicultural Literature Conference of NCCU, Taipei, Taiwan, 3/2002. 


“Cyber-psyche as Possessed by the Virtual Spectacle.” Wenshan Review Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 3/2001.


“Social Mediation of the Spectacle: The Situationist Theory of the Image.”   The Social Praxis of Images Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 11/2000.


“Famine and the Eclipse of the Goddess.” Tamsui Humanities Colloquium, Taiwan, 6/99.


“Postindustrialism vis-à-vis A Genealogy of the Absurd Clerk Tale.”  Special Panel on Postindustrialism & Literature, Modern Language Association (MLA) Annual Convention, Toronto, 12/97.


“Informentality.”  Summer Institute of Culture & Society of the Marxist Literary Group.  Corvallis, Oregon.   6/14  - 6/21/97.


“Equiano's Hybrid Narrative and Ethnographic Self-Fashioning:  The 'Cultural' in an  Intercultural Epoch.”  Soundings:  Conference on American Life, Literature, and Interpretation,  Eugene, Oregon.   5/7/93.


“Reading Student Essays 100 Years Later: 19th Century Composition & the 20th Century Instructor.”   Fourth Annual Spring Conference on Composition and Rhetoric, Eugene, Oregon.  4/17/93.


“Two Victorian Gentlemen, A Maid, and Abjection.”   Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference, New Orleans,  5/11/92.




“Guattari & the Triplex Discourses of Ecology.” Chapter in An (Un)Easy Alliance: Thinking Environment(s) with Deleuze/Guattari, edited by Bernd Herzogenrath.  Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, December 2008.


“Early Warnings about the Globalization of the American Dream: Babbitt and Brave New World.” Tamkang Review.  Vol 33, nos. 3-4.  Spring-Summer 2003: pp. 155-175.


“Cyberpsyche as Possessed by the Virtual Spectacle”.  Wenshan Review.  vol 1, n 5., 12/2002.


“Review of The Essential Works of Michel Foucault , Vol 3: Power”.  Sub-Stance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism, #96, Vol 30, n. 3, 2001. 


“The Returns of Alienation.”  Cultural Logic.  Vol. 2, n. 1.  Fall, 1998.  Online:          Also cited by cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling in "The Dead Media Project".  Online:


“E-Mail with Your Class” The Lizard, #26, (education newsletter at University of Oregon) Winter ‘95. 


“Foucault's Lives:  Review of The Lives of Michel Foucault by David Macey.”

Sub-Stance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism,  Vol 23, n1, 1994.


“What Students Wrote 100 Years Ago--And What Should They Write Now?”  Componere, Fall, 1994.                     


Note: the interviews below are in the journal I edited circa 1994-1997, available online at



“New Media, Post-humanism, Community: Interview with Mark Poster” UnderCurrent: An Online Journal for the Analysis of The Present ,   n. 2., Winter, 1994.  Reprinted as Chapter 7 of Poster, Mark The Information Subject, New York: G and B Arts International, 2001: pages 139 - 146.   Also cited in the Encyclopedia Britannica, article on "New Humanism" online:     Also cited in User Error: Resisting Computer Culture by Ellen Rose.  Toronto: Between the Lines P, 2003.


“Interview With Hilary Radner: New Feminine & The Tactics of Consumption” UnderCurrent,  n. 3, Fall, 1995.


“Contradictions Of Media Freedom: Interview With Richard Barbrook“.

 UnderCurrent, n. 4,  Spring 1996.

Republished  by the Hypermedia Research Centre, University of Westminster.





Creative and Other Publications:

"Thirteen Ways of Looking at Guan Yin"  Exquisite Corpse: Journal of Letters and Life.   Sept 15, 2008.  Online.


"Postcolonial Trash: Of Discardedness and Danshui".  POTS.  July 2004, vol 317. Taipei.  Online.


 “A Wary Yet Optimistic Global Soul”, book review of The Global Soul by Pico Iyer.  Interface: The Journal of Education, Community, and Values.  Pacific University, Oregon. February 2004.  Vol 4, n. 1.   Online:


"Unnatural versus Natural Selection".  Taipei Times.  Wed, July 12, 2000.  Pg 8.  Also online:


"Ars Poetica:  New Fragments of an Ancient Sermon".  Lunchbox Magazine.  Santa Cruz, California.  June 1989.  


Wrote a blog online for two years (2004 to 2006) as commentary on current trends in politics, culture, and technology.  Titled, bloggence, cunning, exile.



Ministry of Education grant for faculty study group.  “Globalization and Cultural Representation” Spring to Fall terms, 2004. 

Also, NCCU grant for individual writing project stemming from research group above.


Graduate Teaching Fellowship.  Tuition waiver & stipend at University of Oregon.   1991 - 1996.   


Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation.  $2,000 creative writing grant for poetry.   1990.   (before and up to 1990, published poems in several small literary magazines locally in California.)




Design and grade portions of various department entrance exams, transfer exams, graduate reading exams at NCCU 1999 - present.


            MA Thesis advisor and co-advisor for two students, 2004.  Currently advising two MA theses.      Topics on V. Nabokov, Margaret Atwood, and H. Melville. 


Committee work:         

                        Graduate Program Committee, 2002 - 2003.

                        Composition Curriculum Ad Hoc Committee, Spring 2002.

Library Committee; MA Degree Committee; Assessment and Contest Judging; NCCU, Department of English, 1999-2004.

Curriculum Committee, TOUC Department of Foreign Languages, 1998-’99.

Composition Program Committee, UO Department of English, 1993-’94.  Duties include written evaluation of new instructors.      

            Graduate Appointments Committee, UO Department of English,



Advisory Board Member for the Wickes-Beale Art Studio in Marcola, Oregon, 2002.  Also gave slide show presentation about Taiwanese sculptors, and especially on Ju Ming.  August 10, 2002.


Liaison for potential ETMA summer exchange program with Pacific University in Oregon, 2003.


Peer Reviewer for the Academic Journal of the Humanities, National Donghua University, Hualien, Taiwan.  2002.  Also for Concentric, National Taiwan Normal University, 2006.   Also for Taiwan Journal of Literature, NCCU.


Speech before the English Student Association at Tamsui Oxford University College, “On the Status of Women in the World.”  3/99.


Presenter or moderator on panels at each Annual Fall Composition Conference, University of Oregon, 1992 -’95.  


Editorial Advisory Board, for composition anthology: The Webfoot Reader, Ginn Press, 1991 & ‘92.



Research in Progress:


Currently researching ecology and ecocriticism of romanticism and contemporary fiction and in poststructuralist theory.   Results are now chapters in a book manuscript on literature and ecology.


A second book project submitted to The New Press as editor is a literary anthology:  The Anarchist's Anthology of Literary Classics.


NCCU Faculty Study Group Member:


         1.  「全球在地化與文化再現」(Glocalization and Cultural Representation) 2002-2004.


                        2.  「多元文化」(Multiculturalism) 2005.


                        3.  「現代英美文學中的問題化和再現」(The Problematization and Representation in Modern Literature)  2007.



References:  Confidential letters and dossier available upon request. 


Professor Suzanne Clark

            Department of English

            University of Oregon

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Phone:  (541) 346-5819




Professor Jim Crosswhite

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            Assistant Professor Tom Argiro

            Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

            Tunghai University                    

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