Biography of Herman Krieger

ID or Ego

Vital Statistics

Born Detroit, Michigan 1926
Father born in Austria 1888, came to America in 1912.
Mother born in Russia 1890, came to America in 1914.

Detroit, 1942

The Krieger family were together again in Detroit in December 1945.
My brother and I had returned from service in the U.S. Army Air Corps.
My sister had returned from working in an airplane factory in Los Angeles.

Orphaned 1980
Herzlia Cemetary
Herzliya, 1981

Married Atty de Vries
Marriage Certificate
During Fall Joint Computer Conference at San Francisco, 1966


High School, Detroit
Highland Park High School Diploma

Wayne Univ., Detroit
Wayne Univ. Main
Chemistry Major, 1947-1950

Univ. of Calif., Berkeley
Univ. California  Diploma
Mathematics Major, 1953-1956

Ecole des Langues Orientales, Paris
Carte d'élève
Russian Language

United Bicycle Inst., Oregon
bicycle mechanic certificate
Bicycle Maintenance, 1988

Univ. of Oregon
Major in Art, Minor in Russian, 1991-94
Selfie: Tatyana Gorokhovskaya's Russian Class

Foreign Languages:
     Nederlands, Français, Deutsch

Programming Languages:
     Fortran,  C,  Z80 Assembly,  HTML


harry s truman
I am a born and bred liberal
Father: FDR Democrat;   Mother: Labor Zionist, (knew Golda Meir)

Work Experience

Newspaper Boy
liberty magazine
Liberty Magazine, 1935-36

Hutchins Intermediate
The Detroit News, 1938-40
My route was Englewood, Woodland, and Tennyson Streets

September 1, 1939 headline
Besides papers for my route, I sold Extra Editions on the street,
such as on the morning of Sept. 1, 1939 at the start of WWII.


Excerpt from 1943 Highland Park High School Yearbook
We took photos for the school paper with an old Speed Graphic.

Part-time Clerk at the photo counter, Fromm's, 1942-3
Evenings I printed photos for the Press Picture Service,
an agency that took photos of UAW-CIO events and activities.

Packard Motor Car Co.
I worked in the Photo Department of Packard Motor Car Co., 1943-44

Jewish News
Evenings and weekends during 1944, free-lance photographer
for the Detroit Jewish News

Attended the Army Air Corps, Photo School (while awaiting Pre Flight Training),
and then became an instructor at the school.

During the 1946 Golden Jubilee of the automobile in Detroit,
working for the Press Picture Service, I photographed every
antique auto on exhibit at the Detroit Convention Hall.

Harpo Marx
"To Herman, who wasted a flash bulb on me", Harpo Marx, Detroit, 1946
I worked evenings for the photo concession at The Bowery, 1946-49

North Beach
Bimbo's 365 and The Italian Village Night Clubs, San Francisco
Evenings I printed the photos taken at these night clubs, 1951-52

auto paint chemist
W.P. Fuller Paint Co., So. San Francisco, 1952-3


x0 olpc
From Abacus to One Laptop per Second Childhood

Via Real-Time Systems, Military Computers, and IBM Mainframes

Ibm 704 and verdan
North American Aviation / Autonetics, Los Angeles and Anaheim 1956-59
Verdan was a general purpose computer and digital differential analyzer.
I wrote the factory checkout and assembly language programs for it.

Fadac Computer
California Computer Products, 1961-62

I wrote the main program for the Fadac computer.

Institut Blaise Pascal, Paris, 1962-63

Houston Instrument, 1973-1985

Free-Lance Programmer

     Kontron, Munich, 1982-85         Euratom, Petten, 1984        Shell Oil, Rijswijk, 1985-86

GTS-GRAL GmbH, Darmstadt, 1987-89

International Marketing


Visa Veni Vidi Vendi

Permis de Conduire Rijbewijs

1963 - 1985

Eastern and Western Europe

Return to Photography, 1990

Univ. Oregon  Diploma
BFA, Photography, 1994

Mixed Media entry in Eugene Mayor's Art Show 1991, Jacobs Gallery,
being admired by Springfield Mayor, Bill Morrisette and Wife

Entries in Dot Dotson's and the Mayor's Art Show, 1992

PhotoZone Gallery on High St., Exhibitor and Sitter, 1991-94

Golems on Display

Lane County Historical Museum
A Historical Event?

Royal Photographic Society
Big Box Camera Era, 1995

Trudy Wilner Stack

"A Day in the Life of a Mobile Veterinarian" as seen by a former cub photographer

West 11th Avenue includes residential, commercial, light industry, and wet land areas.

"Churches ad hoc" published, 1998

The Dutch Photo Festival is held every two years in the old fortified town of Naarden.

M.I.L.K. (Moments of Intimacy, Laughter and Kinship) International Exhibition,
Juried by Elliot Erwitt, appeared 2001-2003 at Grand Central Terminal, New York;
Regents Park, London; Sydney Opera House, and Federation Square, Melbourne.

Terri Warpinsky

Clotworthy museum

An exhibition of journalistic photography: Considering the photojournalist
as an artist and the images they capture on film a 'fine art' medium.

Opus 6IX Gallery, September 2006, Four Photographer Show, curated by Robert Canaga

Springfield museum

2009, Photography Guild Invitational Exhibition, juried by Phil Harris
2010, FAR AWAY Trains and Travel Exhibition, curated by Hester Coucke

photo gallery hanging

Christopher Rauschenberg

General Aviation News



The Around Oregon Annual Juried Exhibition, 2015, 2016, and 2017,
showcases the fine art and craft produced in Oregon.

1st National Emerald Juried Photography Exhibition, September 2016

2nd National Emerald Juried Photography Exhibition, September 2017

Willamette Valley PhotoArts Guild Exhibition
Low Tide Landscapes, curated by Julia Bradshaw

High Desert Museum, Legendary Landscapes, Feb. 18, 2017 - Dec. 2, 2017

Willamette Valley PhotoArts Guild Exhibition

PBS/OPB "Oregon Art Beat" interview

A-musements from my College Years

My Old Hometown