Photo Essays in Black and White


Herman's Life
Herman Krieger

A Walk in my Neighborhood

Between Oakway Rd. and Coburg Rd. in Eugene, Oregon

Cuban Oddisee
See See Havana

A Cuban Odyssee

satire parody humor
Churches ad hoc

Offbeat look at churches in America

Not Ansel Adams

A View of Shopping Malls

Springfield Through the Mill

Springfield, Oregon

A Weekend in John Day, Oregon

Not Robert Frank
Hamlets of Lane County

Rural Communities in Oregon

Not Elliott Erwitt
FotoFestival Naarden, a Dutch Treat

Visit to a Photo Festival in Holland

emelia earhart
Hobby Field

A place for high-minded hobbyists

Keeping Track
Junction City Junction

NRA - No Rational Action
Along West 11th Avenue

A Cross Section of Eugene, Oregon

box camera
Around the Riverbank Bike Path

With a 'Bent and a Box (Camera)

pinhole camera
The Riverbank Trail Seen Thru a Pinhole

Selections from other Photo Essays by Herman Krieger

Sumptin' Sumpter

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Veterinarian

Blue River Anthology

Prison Scene

hot shots
Live Wires

Mixed Marriages

Hirer Education

Murals of Lane County

The Big Country: Panorama of Southeastern Oregon

Oregon Art Beat in Action

Other Photo Essays

Field Trip to North Central Oregon

Field Trip to Steens Mountain

Visiting Fireman

School's Out

Along the Amazon

Down Town

Three Days Before the Mast



My Old Hometown

Churches ad hoc can be ordered from

Churches ad hoc: a divine comedy
Soft cover, 96 pages
86 duotone photographs
ISBN 0966580966


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