Weekend in John Day


Judy is the tour guide for the Kam Wah Chung Museum

Tom and Ben stopping by the Kam Wah Chung Historic Site

Ing Hay's Herbal Pharmacy in the Kam Wah Chung Museum

Kylie standing in the park behind the museum
(Was the door an exit for the opium den?)

Burial site of Lung On and Ing Hay

Fairgrounds entrance on 3rd Ave.

Vickie, Asst. Manager

Mary, Fairgrounds Manager

Samantha makes use of the Fairgrounds WiFi.

KJDY country music station at the Fairgrounds

Pony Stable

Open to the public only during fair weather

View from the John Day City Hall on E. Main St. opposite road to Fairgrounds

Sarah with Jus at Mosier Field in the Malone Park.
(Park includes 4 baseball, 2 softball, and 3 soccer fields)

Impromptu volleyball game in the Malone Park soccer field

Harriet with Zella at the park

Diana fishing in the pond in the park

Historic Advent Church is a mecca for photographers

A Superior Power

Religious Contradiction?

Ron has a front seat at the church

Ranch and Rodeo Museum

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