Week-end in John Day

Along the Streets

View of John Day from Airport Rd.

A lot for the money on Valley View Dr.

Only signal light in Grant County at Main St. and Canyon Blvd.

Seo and Taylor, Corner Cup terrace, Main St.

Malcolm and Glenna, Elm St.

Jennifer, 3rd Ave.

Tom and Ellen, 5th Ave.

Roy and Delores with Coal, Lyons St.

Megan with Iggy, Canton St.

Melinda and Javier, Bridge St.

Patsy, Elm St.

Play Porch, Elm St.

Dan, N. Canyon Blvd.

Fi Doe I, Dayton St.

Mutt and Jeff, 2nd Ave.

Fi Doe II, Canton St.

Fi Doe III, Elm St.

Fi Doe IV, 1st Ave.

Fi Doe V, alley behind E. Main St.

Mike and Jinny, alley behind E. Main St.

Dumpster Diving, Lyons St.

Grant Union HS cheerleaders recycling drive for new uniforms, Lyons St.

Outdoor Toilet, Dalton St.

Garden with Garden Tools, S. Dalton. St.

John Day River, Bridge St.

And a Crude Taste for Captions on S. Brent Dr.

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