Mixed Marriages


Herman Krieger

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Jos and Joan

Carnival Cruise Ship

Maiden Voyage

Joy thru Hammer Strength

Along the McKenzie River in Oregon

Not Just a Photo Op for Karen and Dan

The Brew that is True

Family Photo

Bouquet for the Next Bride

Central Presbyterian Church - Eugene, OR

Bill and Joy, Toasting the Second Go Around

Wayne Morse Ranch - Eugene, OR

Carolyn and Andrea

Clinching it

Family of the Brides

Las Vegas, NV

Marry in Haste

Repent at Leisure

Naarden, The Netherlands

Wim and Erica Crossing the Bridge

Old Fashion Wedding Photo

Slow Start

Second Best Man

De Meern, The Netherlands

Ingeborg and Arthur are Getting Married

Arnhem, The Netherlands

My Father and Mother In-Law

San Francisco, CA

Marriage Certificate
American-Dutch Alliance

Havana, Cuba

Outside the Cathedral

Santa Monica, CA

Leo and Lorna, After a 25 Year Courtship

We Did It!

Selfie with the Family

Broadway Mall, Eugene, OR

With this Nose Ring, I do Thee Wed

Spiky Finish

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum - Springfield, OR

Under the Spreading Oak Trees

The Marriage Act is Read to Guy and Deborah

Line Up

Yard Sale - Eugene, OR