An Introduction to the Independent Federal Grand Jury Formation Committee and its plan:

Before entering into specific considerations upon the formation of a Independent Federal Grand Jury, I feel it necessary to share my thoughts upon the general question.

Is it not of Natural Law and the Law of Nations that when the body-sovereign can no longer enforce it law, it is in fact no longer sovereign? Is not its debilitation ample evidence that indeed the claim of sovereign is unenforceable?

If this is indeed true, then the sovereignty movement shall be dead if it cannot produce a method for exercising its authority. This is at the heart of the issue of forming viable Grand Juries, both local and national. If the body-sovereign cannot of its own accord seat a judicial Grand Jury then the courts of the incorporated United States will be justified in ignoring our claim. But should the body-sovereign devise a republican & just formula for sitting Grand Juries they shall have no excuse.

The body-sovereign must assert its self-governing authority or there cannot be self-government. I promote that this is an immutable Law of Nature and it is the one that is holding our cries for justice in check. We must comply with the Creator's Law or we cannot advance justice, indeed we cannot
even hope for peace & prosperity. We must flex our authority for it to be recognized. The idea of a national venue Grand Jury must succeed or the incorporated United States will be able to disregard each and every claim that we are the body-sovereign and that they are the agent answerable to the
law of the land and her Grand Juries.

Therefore this effort, is paramount to the restoration of civil government, and I lend it my full support. The militia movement has provided us with a grand opportunity. With their protection we can advance the authority of the Grand Jury with a measure of security and enforcement authority. The militia's will have to come in line with this effort, but I think we can count on their support.

As you look over the attached proposal please keep the general question of whether you truly believe that We the People have the authority and right to be self-governing.

The IGJFC will not be in control of the proposed national committee or the Grand Jury, however, the current recommendation for the Grand Jury is:


Freedom Point Montana
c/o Al Hamilton
Rule of Law Committee
P.O. Box 117
Darby, Montana
phone: (406)821-3010
Freedom Point Idaho
c/o Cliff Turner
Western Tax Council
Orofino, Idaho

phone: (208)476-0253
fax: (208)475-7191

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