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by Stephen H. Kawamoto


Marijuana is the anti-drug campaigners' whipping boy. Is marijuana truly the gateway to hard drugs? Or, is its inclusion in most international drug laws and conventions a means by which marijuana remains associated with dangerous drugs and substances? This article will trace the history of marijuana and the law.


The reason for marijuana being criminalized in 1937 was to prevent people in the hemp industry from becoming wealthy. Quite obviously, people representing forestry, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries feared the enormous competition from the infant hemp industry. So they conspired to kill it by taxing marijuana. Later, marijuana was criminalized through various drug laws and conventions around the world.


One man who first spread myths about marijuana is Harry J. Anslinger, who was appointed director of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (predecessor of the Drug Enforcement Agency -DEA- of today). He was a man who hated jazz music and tried to get jazz musicians herded
up into prison for smoking the sacred herb. The time dilation effect of THC probably helped introduce extra beats into jazz music. But Anslinger didn't like jazz and he hated marijuana even more. At first, Anslinger declared marijuana caused users to go crazy and commit violent acts. As a result of his testimony, persons who used pot could use the insanity defense to get a less charge to murder. Later on, after doctors testified at a second hearing regarding marijuana, Anslinger recanted his earlier testimony, conceding the sacred herb probably didn't cause insanity or violent behavior, but added that it could lead to opium use. This is how the gateway myth originated.

In 1931, Anslinger got his job at the Bureau of Narcotics at the recommendation of a man named Mellon, who happened to be his wife's uncle. Mellon, also director of the Mellon Bank, was U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. He associated with other wealthy men such as William R. Hearst, Sr. and the DuPont brothers. Hearst owned a chain of newspapers across the U.S. as well as a large lumber company. The DuPont family had just patented a paper making process using wood pulp some years earlier. As well, they had a new invention, a kind of synthetic cotton called nylon.


Unfortunately, the infant hemp industry seemed to threaten these rich men's monopoly in the pulp and paper industry. In fact, in 1937, Popular Science predicted that hemp would become a billion dollar industry. With the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act, the industry was suppressed, only to surface during World War II when America's main supply of manila hemp was cut off after Japan occupied the Philippines.

Since then, marijuana has endured a smear campaign originally instigated by Hearst's newspapers and imitated by other newspaper chains around the world. After hemp was banned in 1938, DuPont came out with nylon. It licensed out the paper making process to Hearst so that wood-pulp could be easily made into cheap paper. Meanwhile, the anti-pot propaganda demonized marijuana whilst the alcohol and tobacco companies enjoyed wide advertising in the newspapers and on TV,
especially in the post-war boom that followed the war.

While propaganda was calling cannabis the great corrupter of youth, alcohol consumption was leading to emotional and physical abuse in the home as well as death. Alcoholism became the number two cause of death, after lung cancer, which research eventually showed tobacco
consumption as the main culprit. So much for those advertisements in the magazines, newspapers and on TV.


Today, both alcohol and tobacco consumption is dropping, due to education about the dangers of their use. Marijuana consumption peaked about twelve years ago, but is now on the rise, especially
among today's youth. This is in spite of anti-pot propaganda. New studies have completely overturned the gateway myth surrounding marijuana and indicate that the sacred herb is less harmful than alcohol.

Yet, the news media would rather not publish such information, for fear of advocating marijuana use. Instead, it continues to publish anti-drug propaganda, calling it drug abuse education necessary to warn people of the dangers of drug abuse. Such education, no matter how well intentioned, will not prevent addiction, simply because until someone actually uses a controlled substance, it is difficult to determine just who will become addicted to a dangerous drug. There are indications that drug abusers fall into two classes of users: the thrill seeker, and the person with low self-esteem, plagued by fears and worries. Anti-drug propaganda so far has led to increases in experimental use about today's youth. Thus such education as it is now taught leave much to be desired.

Quite possibly, the best position of the newsmedia is to remain mum about the matter since its reporting is peripheral and not an in-depth analysis of drug abuse.


Today's marijuana conspiracy revolves around a UN convention on drug policy signed by a few member nations of the UN in 1961. Most signing nations tend to claim that they must honor the convention, despite provisions within that allow them to opt out of it. The real reason most countries keep marijuana illegal is due to American pressure rather than honoring a UN convention that is woefully out of date.

A possible reason why the U.S. seeks to control international drug policy may have to do with the economic potential cannabis hemp represents. A single nation with the right tools and the land can
grow hemp and supply raw material for paper making and textiles, as well as replacements and substitutes for petrochemicals. Economic sustainability is possible with hemp more so than with trees. Hemp produces 4.3 times more pulp fiber per hectare. Hemp paper products can be recycled seven times while paper made from wood-pulp can only be recycled three times. Hemp seed protein is very nutritious. Fiberboard made from hemp fiber is more stronger than that made of wood-chips. Thus, a cannabis hemp industry can revitalize any country that starts one up, if the capital is there.

One problem with this scenario is marijuana. If cannabis hemp is legalized, then marijuana would be too. This could affect the price of marijuana, perhaps causing the price to drop to less than 20
percent of its current level. The drug trafficking industry around marijuana could collapse if it were legalized. Lost income from this black market could force organized crime to abandon marijuana to
independent growers not motivated by profit. As well, secret organizations depending on the illegal drug trade would lose valuable income from marijuana, were it to be legalized.

This is why the DEA demands the cannabis hemp industry develop a low-THC strain, despite the fact that after about four generations, cannabis will produce higher contents of THC. Keeping marijuana illegal not only profits organized crime; it also profits the government. If Whitewater is anything, if Mena Arkansas really let cocaine into the U.S., and if Montana is a drug trafficking conduit, then surely the U.S. government is probably profiting from the illegal marijuana trafficking business too.


Yes! But this conspiracy isn't as corrupt as the one in the U.S. It's the reason why, after months of undercover work, the RCMP in Vancouver only raided two independent marijuana operations in late January 1996. Meanwhile, the major marijuana drug lord continued business without interruption. He can afford to remain in business, since "Mr.Big" has been in operation since 1966 and is probably one of the richest men in B.C. While it is uncertain if a well-known biker gang that established itself in B.C. in Nanaimo, the Vancouver East End and White Rock on July 3, 1983 is connected with "Mr.Big", this biker gang's involvement in marijuana predates its arrival in B.C.


Marijuana legalization which comes part and parcel with cannabis hemp legalization would not severely impair cultivation of cannabis for drug use. While the hemp industry itself would have to establish itself after 73 years of suppression, even legalized marijuana would not result in more than a reduction from a torrent of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin to a trickle of hard earned cash. "Mr.Big" could probably declare his marijuana income with impunity and not have to trade his pot for cocaine, heroin or U.S. cash. Taxes on marijuana sales could fund not only restitution to victims of 73 years of cultural genocide on the Canadian marijuana culture, it could also help subsidize the growing hemp industry.

Twenty million hectares of Canadian farmland could see $15 billion of hemp fiber. Marijuana even at $1 per gram could be worth $6 million (at 6 kilotonnes per hectare). Even if 1 million hectares of B.C. cropland could be used, then that would result in over $5 trillion of marijuana. Either way, cannabis hemp could sustain a viable industry yearly. Wood is only sustainable in terms of centuries. Eventually, cannabis hemp could augment pulp mills with even more fiber. Pulp mills could be re-opened once cannabis hemp is legalized and goes into full production.

In the end, cannabis hemp legalization could change the world economy drastically. This might be why governments around the world are reluctant to legalize cannabis hemp. The legalization of hemp could result in a few billionaires coming from political backgrounds who could threaten the status quo of today's billionaires. Cannabis legalization is a threat to the New World Order because it represents a green industry that could help a nation to abandon its dependence on a petroleum-based society that supplies the pharmaceutical and plastics industries. Hemp legalization could change world economy at a rate faster than any secret society of financial capitalists could
keep up.

In effect, it could strengthen each nation, making each one sovereign. And this, more than anything is what the financial capitalists fear the most. For this reason alone is why marijuana remains illegal
under the drug laws of most countries of the world. While the anti-drug proponents declare marijuana is dangerous because it is a gateway drug, this is only a distraction from the true reason.
Cannabis hemp could not only revitalize the world economy, it could liberate each country of the world!

If you truly want to liberate the world from a petroleum-based society, legalize cannabis hemp and decriminalize marijuana.

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