The Mystery of Salvation Revealed at LAST!

IaHUeH told us through His Prophets what would happen, wrote it down before it occurred, so that when it happened we would Know,
His Name is
IaHUeH and that He Is THE Elohim!

Well we have run to and fro, Knowledge is increased, and the book that was sealed is beginning to open,
with IaHUChaNaN we hear the voice of the
seven thunders,
We stand at the end of days. We do not know how long there is left, but this is the end time, we know this, by what we've been shown.
It's later than we thought!

The Truly amazing thing is how IaHUeH revealed this all to us, by His undeniable Works in us, through us, and all around us, His servant, the conscious followers of IaHUShUA Ha-MaShIaCh, even through what seemed our mistakes! But this story is for another much longer book.

We saw in previous chapters, that IaHUeH used even the rulers of the nations "to make His Name Known" and to later punish his people for worshipping "mighty ones".
He also used the wicked to accomplish His Great
Salvation Plan, when that Precious Lamb was slain!
that we had Loved and obeyed IaHUeH! in the first place, and that the Blood of the innocents, would not have been necessary!

Here we should speak of the wickedness of the Temple "sacrifices", as it grew to become in IeShRaEL:
In the beginning, if we had heard the WORD of IaHUeH, and obeyed, bloodshed would have never occurred. Blood is very precious,
the Life is in the blood. And this Life is from IaHUeH.
IaHUeH is the Giver of Life, through His WORD. When we disobey IaHUeH's WORD, we separate ourselves from this Life Giver.
Cut off from this Source of Life, we
inevitably go to Death.

Now IaHUeH in His Great Mercy, provided a Way for the Repentant Sinner, to come back into His Presence.

The awesome reality is, that a sinner would be burned up, destroyed, were he to come into IaHUeH's Presence. For no darkness could exist in the Real Light of IaHUeH, not even, (since IaHUShUA's Offering,) a shadow! This is that point in time that the Adversary and all of his followers were cast out of IaHUeH's Heavenly Kingdom, to be the powers behind all worldly kingdoms.

So for a time IaHUeH permitted the Repentant Sinner, to approach Him with the propitiatory blood of an innocent animal.
IaHUeH's WORD stands. IaHUeH can not break His WORD! The consequence of disobeying IaHUeH's Command and assuming the power to decide for oneself what is good and what is evil, results in death.

IaHUeH set it up in advance, to allow the substitution of an innocent victim, so that in time He Himself could come in the Person of IaHUShUA, to thus suffer at the hands of the wicked.
Being so purely
innocent, He thereby destroyed the claim of death, as is evidenced by the Ressurection. Paying the penalty for Transgression Himself, once and for all.
This is LOVE!!! But one can never receive this favour without True Repentance. Otherwise you add Murder to your list of sins.
Which brings us back to IeShRaEL... These wicked men had substituted the blood of innocents for
Rather than obey IaHUeH's Commandments, they indulged in the shedding of innocent blood, for the purpose of eating the flesh of the Slain, so they could keep sinning, and shed innocent blood.
Talk about your viscious cycle! This is what IaHUShUA came to
stop, in more ways than one.

He certainly knew the consequences of chasing the money changers and those who sold IaHUeH's innocent creatures, from the steps of the Temple.
This was surely one of the reasons they (Rome)
shed His Innocent Blood. Caesar himself, had regular sacrifices made on his behalf by the Temple "priests".

In writing the above I discovered a striking similarity to Paul's teaching. He substituted Jesus Christ, for True Repentance;

It were these same indulgences, with a peculiar twist; that moved Martin Luther to publish his 99 thesis, at Wittenburg, whereby helping to break away from the Roman Church as Protestants,
so they could
still do the same thing except more covertly. like Paul.

The other day I was moved to go back to my favorite "christian" used book store, where I found yet another book about Paul. The Truth is that, it is no secret in the world, that Paul is "that man of sin", this information is not new!! We merely overlooked it.

I would like to recommend, for a more detailed expose'… this book Written by; A. Powell Davies. Entitled; The First Christian: A Study of St. Paul and Christian Origins. in 1957 Library of congress #57-14507. Published by Farrar, Straus and Cudahy in New York.
I was astounded! Dr. Davies goes through point by point, based on scholarly research, confirming many of the things that IaHUeH has pointed out to us, of course he missed the main point.
He insists in the end, that Pauls Christianity triumphed over Rome.
Of course we have just pointed out the fact that what Paul in fact did, was to give
Power to the Beast!!!
Dr. Davies did not in fact understand IaHUeH's Commandment, any more than Paul did. This is not to his discredit, it is a very confused world out there, and it
wasn't yet time to know these things. He seemed to think, that Paul understood Love. And that Paul's love, fullfilled the Law.

We thank IaHUeH for Pauls' Christianity, If Paul had not transgressed IaHUeH's Commandments and created a "Universal Religion" for the World, we would not have known about IaHUShUA and the Truth of IaHUeH's Kingdom.

The peculiar thing about Christianity is that each one of the hundreds of denominations, in varying degrees are based on Paul,
and no two seem to agree on exactly what Paul taught.
This is not surprising, as any
careful study will reveal,
neither did Paul.

They end up pointing fingers at each other, to accuse of not doing it right.
Yet it is easy to see that many of them have the very best intentions!

They want to be good.
Thus filled with the leaven of the Pharisees...

they tend to puff up.

Yet they can not help but sense their lack. So they try to do it better.
But instead of
truly turning to IaHUeH to save them…
they stumble on Paul.

Even a bad example, if you have wisdom, can be good.
Of course if we had obeyed Paul, we would run away from wisdom. He tried to make us think that we could not understand the "Mystery" of IaHUeH.
But we know that IaHUeH is the revealer of all mysteries, and that
His Wisdom is not for our own exaltation, but rather otherwise.
The Truth will set you Free! But first you
must believe it.
The first obstacle that you must face up to, is the self.

The key is to be able to see yourself as IaHUeH sees you, in the light of His Commandments. This can be very painful! That is why it's the very last thing most people would want to do. They would rather try to do away with IaHUeH's Law, like Paul did. It is a lot more comfortable for them.
"Lets see here… if sin is the transgresion of IaHUeH's Commandments…
if we get rid of the Law, there is no sin, right?". . . …
IaHUeH's Law still stands.
Just because you might try to ignore it, does not mean that it will simply go away. If any one tries to tell you different, the same is a liar.

Do not be decieved!

We would also like to thank another group of evangelists, for being so hard core serious about being followers of Paul, and for being so sincere about wanting to be good. They were so puffed up against us, and against IaHUShUA in us, that they came to accuse, and gnash us, for believing IaHUeH, Keeping His Commandments and following IaHUShUA.
Typical Pharisees, they tried to make us think that IaHUeH's Spirit of Truth was lying to us, and that we should rather obey them, "because they had been together studying the Word for twenty years, and we were just babes." We were tempted to say "wow! twenty years and you still haven't caught on?" But rather decided, for then, to be more gentle). They advised us to diligently search the Scriptures. We decided to start with Paul,
Thank you IaHUeH!! IaHUShUA said:

Matt 7:15-21 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
[Gen 49:27] Beniamin shall ravin as a wolf: Paul]
Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
Not every one that saith unto Me,
Master, Master, shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven; but he that
doeth the will of My Father which is in heaven.

We also acknowledge the fact that were it not for the pretenders in our midst, who did not understand but said they did, and tried to convince us, but were transgressors, we would not have been able to see the dynamics behind Paul's teaching.
Living the Word of IaHUeH is in the doing and not merely the saying of the Commandments.
If we say and don't do we are liars, and therefore transgressors.
There shall no transgressors enter into eternal life.
Praise be to IaHUeH we have forgiveness by the blood of the Lamb. However we must acknowledge our sins and Truly REPENT!

At this point comes the Immersion in water in IaHUShUA's Name. This is where the sinner dies. What follows is a new life, born of the Spirit, a new creation in IaHUShUA and IaHUSHUA in them, living by the Spirit of IaHUeH. This is the key to the Kingdom of IaHUeH!
But if a person at this point is only pretending, they are denying IaHUeH's Salvation, rejecting IaHUeH's Spirit, and thereby maintaining their separation from IaHUeH.

There has been a mighty shaking in the Kingdom of late,
the vine needs to bear much good fruit,
the branch that won't bear must be pruned,
this is a painful process full of tears.
We will miss our dear ones,
who even still have a chance to Truly REPENT!
But how long?!
We have learned much through the process.
Things that we might not have otherwise seen.

Many who were here to follow IaHUShUA turned away back to the world.
We thank IaHUShUA for His
instructions in the matter.

Epilogue ...


"To Seek out that which was Lost..."