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This is a CRY of WARNING! Based on what I have seen and heard and Experienced growing up in the land called usa... (United SNARES of 'AMORAChaH*)
[*note: this is the Hebrew feminine/plural of the word (normally?) translated "Gemmorah"... a bilingual pun :) ]

I remember when I was in school hearing a lot about Liberty... In Amorachah you were Free to do whatever... (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) as long as you did not infringe on any one elses Rights (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness).
This sounded good... I thought that this was indeed "THE LAND of LIBERTY"!

By the time I got to 8th Grade... and Civics class... I realized that the things they were teaching me were hardly applicable.

One day while the teacher was giving me a lecture for not paying attention... I asked him "Why should I even bother learning this stuff?? That isn't how it really works anymore!"
"You are right", he replied, "That is exactly why I teach this course... hoping that by teaching the youth, they will learn to make changes."

People really didn't miss their liberty that much. After all... "We were SO much better off than the RUSSIANS... At least we Had FREEDOM of the PRESS (to publish information, views etc.).
Here you could Say what you wanted! And STILL be FREE!"

It took me this long and the NET CENSORSHIP ISSUE... to notice the Progression.
What I had been witnessing were indicators of the EROSION of CIVIL LIBERTY!! ...
"and they said it couldn't happen... here!"--Zappa

The reason to make such a BIG DEAL out of Freedom of Speech is to keep you from realizing that you are not Free to DO!

Heres the progression...
You can say but don't do...
You can Print but don't Say...
You can Believe whatever you want...
But don't try to live it...
and if you Tell any one else about it...
Beware of the THOUGHT POLICE!!!
they have ways to make you AGREE...
You will do as they tell you if you love your family...

Political Scientist George Orwell was RIGHT! (He just didn't know when)

Yes this is all very extreme... but so is the issue! Perhaps we can turn this progression around... On this page are Links to Pages of People who want to DO something! And links to information... on the subject (and related). In this way we SUPPORT FREEDOM OF BELIEF
Please send me Links to Info./opinions I may have missed... Link to this Page... Help publicise this page!

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EFF and other civil liberties groups ask that a blue ribbon be worn or displayed to show support for the essential human right of free speech. This fundamental building block of free society, affirmed by the U.S. Bill of Rights in 1791, and by the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, has been sacrificed in the 1996 Telecom Bill.

The blue ribbon will be a way to raise awareness of these issues, from locally to globally, and for the quiet voice of reason to be heard.

The voice of reason knows that free speech doesn't equate to sexual harassment, abuse of children, or the breeding of hatred or intolerance.

We insist that any material that's legal in bookstores, newspapers, or public libraries must be legal online.

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If you are not sure why you need to participate in the Blue Ribbon Campaign and stand up for your free speech, or uncertain how your rights are threatened, please see Internet Censorship Legislation Alerts Page

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For a humor break, see the CensorU Movement (C.U.M.) www pages - a parody of the theocratic right, with its own red pro-censorship ribbon. And there's the Blue Ribbon Prank Page, which elaborately plays on the theocratic party line that "indecency = pornography". Also, the Free Peaches Online mock-campaign might cheer you up. New on the block is a page satirizing a hypothetical Communications Decency Administration (with some serious activism suggestions as well as parody material.)

     NET Party catches the government itself violating the CDA

Check out the Green Ribbon Campaign for Responsibility in Free Speech.

Electronic Freedom - March on Washington

Voters Telecommunications Watch


I must confess... that I do not LIKE to see pornography! I do not like to hear OBSCENITIES!
Regarding the first... while I do admittedly have a NARROW field of interest... I don't encounter PORN much. When I do... I hit my back button (easy enough!)
When this issue came up I even tried to follow some of these Objectional links. What I found was T.V. level Sexuality... with a promise of more IF YOU WERE OVER 21 and had a CREDIT CARD!This seems like a deterrent for most youths. PARENTAL CONTROL IS THE KEY!

On the obsene language issue... as I stated, I don't like to hear it! For this reason I don't like movies or TELEVISION! (I regard Hateful language as Obsene! and I deplore seeing things that hurt and Destroy!) But if I encounter an obscene word in the written form, I DO NOT HAVE TO VOCALIZE IT! I mentally translate it into an EMPHATIC... and either read on or go somewhere else...

This is really not that big of a problem! WHAT IS A PROBLEM is a Government telling its Citizens What they CAN and CAN NOT SAY or PUBLISH!!

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