My name is Jim Burgess and I like to write software for my Mac--mostly fractals and chaos stuff.  It would be such a waste to go to all that work writing programs and not give other people the opportunity to play around with them too--so here they are for your clicking pleasure.  They are all free, but of course there is no warranty of any kind!  I'm just a hobbyist who likes to fool around with his computer in his spare time.

Icon Maker:

Draws the symmetric fractals from the book Symmetry in Chaos, by Field & Golubitsky.  The pictures were so beautiful and the QBasic program at the back of the book was so crappy I just had to port it to the Mac (and Windows).  Universal binary for PPC or Intel (OS 10.4+).

IconCarb.sit  Carbon version for PPC Macs (OS 9-10.3).  

Icon.sit.hqx   OS 7,8,9 (Classic).  Windows version.  It works OK but I still need to clean up the code some.  I'm posting it now because I think that might take a while to accomplish and the app is usable now, though not perfect.  Check out the README file and give it a whirl.


Julia O' Matic

This was the first real Mac app. I ever wrote.  It draws Julia sets and the Mandelbrot.  You can click on the Mandelbrot to see the corresponding Julia, as well as magnify them both.  Instructions for use are in the "About" box.  Universal binary; works on PPC or Intel Macs (OS 10.4+).

 JOM4WIND Windows 9x, XP

 JOM.fat.sit.hqx    Original (old) version, runs on 68k Macs with Color Quickdraw.

 JOM.1.1.PPC.sit.hqx   Requires Power PC, OS 7 thru X.  OSX runs in classic mode; this one won't work on Intel Macs.  It can make full screen drawings, but they have some glitches in OSX.

JomCarb.sit  Carbon, OSX.  If your Mac doesn't have classic mode you should use this one.  It won't do full screen figures but it works pretty good otherwise.



Cycle Explorer

I was taking a course on Chaos and I wrote this to give myself a visual aid.  It's for analyzing Chaos in X2 in the real numbers. It draws two windows, one with the function and one with the orbit diagram.  You can do graphical analysis on the function and zoom in on the diagram.  Brief instructions in the "About" box under the Apple Menu.

 CYCLE.sit.hqx     System 7 or higher, 68k or PPC (Classic, won't work on Intel Macs).

Cycle Screenshot


Simple fractal plaything I wrote mostly out of curiosity. I like to jiggle the parameters and think about simple rules making complex patterns that don't remind you of the simple rules one bit. I think the world is made that way (sort of).

 KTOY.sit.hqx     Power PC, System 7,8,9 (Classic, won't work on Intel Macs). 

KochToy Screenshot

 Pythag O' Tree

Another "jiggle the params" plaything.  It draws a Pythagorean tree and allows you to vary the height, width, and steepness of the "roof" of the basic unit.  By changing a few parameters, the resulting tree can look very different, even though they are all produced by the same rules.  Another lesson in "simple rules make complex things" and "similar rules can make very different looking things" and "a little randomness can make something lifelike".  Fun to play with for awhile if you haven't seen something like this before.

PythTree.sit.hqx   System 8, 9 (requires Carbon Lib), OSX (works OK on Intel Macs)

Pythag O' Tree Screenshot


Taffy View

Simple demo app. shows the way the domain of X2 is folded and re-folded by iteration (like making taffy).  You can vary the constant term (moves the parabola up and down), and the number of iterations/layers up to 5  (the number of folds increases by 2n so there's no room for more!).  If you move the mouse over the thick line under the X axis, the inverses of that point will be highlighted, as well as the corresponding point on Fn (green) and the taffy graph.  I wanted to see what this looked  like but it was too complicated to draw on paper so I decided to write a program to do it which turned out to be even more complicated, but for what it's worth, here it is.

TaffyView.sit.hqx   System 8, 9 (requires Carbon Lib), OSX (works OK on Intel Macs)

taffy screenshot