I keep a weblog at reliable.info. If you're looking for a page that's more interesting than this one, look there.

I live in San Francisco and work on web sites and databases. I am the staff systems administrator at GreatSchools.net, and I also do some programming and writing as an independent contractor.

I have done Apache, PHP, and MySQL work for sites that include SFGate, Napster, and efn (the community-run ISP that hosts this page). At SFGate, I developed the election night database system and I still maintain the searchable entertainment listings.

Recently I have been working on two small utilities to help manage Spread, a multicast messaging toolkit developed at Johns Hopkins University. I also wrote this article about Spread, which appeared in the Feb. 2003 issue of SysAdmin Magazine.

I enjoy spending time at home in San Francisco's West Portal neighborhood, but when it gets too cold and foggy, I go biking on the peninsula. That's Tasha, CJ, and Kelly in the photo.

Send me e-mail: jdd at efn dot org