Final Corrections to SOGGY SNEAKERS 3rd Edition (3/1/96)

Corrections to SOGGY SNEAKERS 3rd Edition

compiled by Steve Cramer and Jim Reed

These comments are from a letter to the Mountaineers. Most of the changes are minor, but the shuttle details, new phone numbers and the location of the Class IV on the Row should be pencilled in your copy of Soggy. If you know of more changes, or if you feel a description is out of date or could be improved, let us know. The latest changes can also be found at


Photographs -- The half-toning of the black and white photographs leaves bright whites in the water looking unnatural and without detail. See for example pages 130, 181, and 210. These prints are not bad, but neither are they good. We feel there could be much improvement in the printing of the photographs.

Gage and flow conversion table -- The 2nd Edition had a one page Appendix B, page 203, which was a conversion between river gage readings (in feet) and river flows (in cubic feet per second, cfs). This table was for selected rivers, particularly those which are most commonly reported by the River Forecast Center and the daily newspapers in feet. The appendix then allows one to readily convert from the reported readings in feet to the flows listed in the trip descriptions in cfs. If one page could be found to put Appendix B from the 2nd Edition into the 3rd Edition many boaters would greatly appreciate the addition. We were suprised how many boaters mentioned the absence of this appendix in discussing possible improvements to the 3rd Edition. Furthermore, if this talbe can be added, WKCC can update it from the conversion table the U.S. Corp of Engineers currently has online.

Telephone area code -- Change the area codes from "503" to "541" for the following runs: Run 27, page 63; Run 57, page 93; Run 164, page 223; Run 169, page 229; Run 193, page 263, Minam Motel and Minam Store; Run 197, page 271, Easterday and Haylett.

Change the area codes from "503" to "541" in Appendix A, page 299, for Cougar Dam, Foster Dam, Lookout Point Dam, and Watermaster, Bend OR.

Supplements 1 and 2 -- Each of the river headings ends with the chapter in parentheses where one would find the run if it had been fully described, e.g., "Five Rivers: 10 Miles to Mouth (Chapter 1)". However, if one goes to that chapter there is no run for that river. We would suggest replacing "Chapter" with "region of Chapter", e.g., (region of Chapter 1). This is what we are actually saying in the river headings of Supplements 1 and 2.

Maps -- Two maps need correcting. These maps are on pages 49 and 203. Put-ins, shuttle roads, and river features have errors in them. The maps with corrections in red are attached.


Page 13, 4th paragraph -- Change "Jim Reed helped...Vallens did many other tasks." to read "Jim Reed and Steve Cramer helped organize data and maps and, with Dan Vallens, did many other tasks."

Page 13, 4th paragraph -- Delete "Hydrological data...the U.S. Geological Survey."

Page 20, section 5D -- Change "...current 2020hold boats..." to read "...current that can hold boats...".

Page 35, Run 8 -- Change "Class: 3, 3+" to read "Class: 2+, 3".

Pages 36, Run 8 -- Under Access, first paragraph, delete "(Boaters traveling west...before reaching Tillamook.)" At the end of the first paragraph add "Traveling west on Route 6, turn left at Mile Post 12, follow road 0.8 miles, take first left and follow for 2.4 miles. Take left on Hembree Ridge Road, drive east 2.4 miles and turn right at Bobcat Spur. A steep 2.8 miles to the N. Fork of Trask Road. Turn left and go 0.4 miles to a fork. Right fork goes to take-out, left fork to put-in."

Page 49, Map -- correct Drift Creek map.

Page 52, Run 20 -- Under Access, first paragraph, delete first sentence and replace it with "Be sure to bring the Suislaw National Forest map and the Oregon Gazetteer for both the put-in and take-out vehicle. It is very easy to get lost here." Change "Continue on Drift Creek Road about 1.5 miles beyond...close to the river at a pullout." to read "Continue on Drift Creek Road, then take the May Road at the fork to the take-out bridge, a total of 3.2 miles."

In the next paragraph, change " the intersection with Route 51 the confluence with Drift Creek, the put-in." to read " the intersection with Route 51 and take it for 6.7 miles to Route 50. Bear right on Route 50 for 0.1 miles, then left on Route 50 for 6.5 miles to Route 31. Turn right onto Route 31 for 5.4 miles; it follows Horse Creek, then Meadow Creek, to the confluence with Drift Creek, the put-in."

Page 104, Run 62 -- Make the following changes. Change "Class: 2+(4),3(4)" to read "Class: 3(4), 3+(4)" Change "Flow: 250 cfs, 800cfs" to read "Flow: 800 cfs, 4000 cfs." Under description, change "The class 4 drop.... just below a covered bridge." to read "The class 4 drop....just above a covered bridge." Under Gauge, change telephone number for gauge to "(541-942-2491)".

Page 105, Run 63 -- Under Gauge, change "Contacting recommended". to read "Call recording at 541-937-3852 for flow."

Page 107, Run 66 -- Under Gauge, delete the paragraph and replace with "The flow at the put-in is about 1/2 that at Westfir. See run 67, North Fork of Middle Fork Willamette River: The Gorge to Westfir."

Page 107, Run 67 -- Change "Class: 4(5)" to read "Class: 3(5)"

Page 108, Run 67 -- Under Gauge, delete the paragraph and replace with "Flow can be estimated from recording at 541-937-3852. Subtract the Hill Creek outflow from the Lookout Point inflow and divide by 2 to give the flow at Westfir."

Page 110, Run 68 -- Under Gauge, change "Contact Lookout Point Dam" to read "Call Lookout Point Dam for Fall Creek Reservoir inflow."

Page 111, Run 69 -- Under Gauge, change "Call Lookout Point Dam." to read "Call Lookout Point Dam for Fall Creek Reservoir outflow."

Page 113, Run 71 -- Under Gauge, change "Contact Lookout....Hills Creek Dam." to read "Call Lookout Point Dam for Hills Creek Reservoir outflow."

Page 113, Run 72 -- Under Gauge, delete the paragraph and replace with "Call Lookout Point Dam for Dexter Reservoir outflow."

Page 128, Run 85 -- Change "Flow: 500 cfs" to read "Flow: 400-900 cfs". Under Gauge, remove paragraph and replace with "Call the River Forcast Center in Portland."

Pages 137-138, Run 94 -- The shuttle directions for Wiley Creek.are incorrect.

Page 153, Run 108 -- Change "Class: 2(3+)" to read "Class: 2(3)". Under description, second paragraph, change "...the Slot is class 3+,..." to read "...the Slot is class 3,...". In third paragraph, change "...a class 3 and 3+ drop in..." to read "a class 3 drop in...". Under hazards, change " increase to class 4 and perhaps class 5 at flows..." to read " increase in difficulty substantially at flows...". Change "The class 3+ ledge- and..." to read "The class 3 ledge- and...".

Page 154, Run 109 -- In 4th paragraph of description, delete "A very large log has been stuck in the teeth at the bottom left for several years."

Page 167, Run 119 -- In third paragraph of description, delete "After running the class 3 Horse Creek Canyon, described in run 120, Molalla River: Table Rock Fork to Turner Bridge,...". The next sentence should read "The take-out is at Horse Creek Bridge."

Page 182, Run 132 -- Change "Class: 2+" to read "Class: 2"

Page 194, Run 141 -- Change "Class: 2+" to read "Class: 2+(3)" and, under the description, change "Pipeline Rapids is 0.5..." to read "Pipeline Rapids, class 3, is 0.5...".

Page 200, Run 147 -- Under Access, first paragragh, change " the hatchery for the take-out." to read " the hatchery. Park at bottom of hill before buildings. Follow trail at far left to river."

Page 201, Run 148 -- Under description change "...about 1.5 miles..." to read "...about 1 mile...". And change "...class 2 rapids occurs below Summit..." to read "...class 2 rapids occurs 1.5 miles below Summit...". Under Hazards, change "...dam at the put-in...must be avoided." to read "...dam just below the hatchery put-in has reinforcing rods in the water that must be avoided; portage on left." Under Access in first paragraph, delete "Put in below...the alternate put-in." Replace it with "To reach the alternate put-in, go north from Leidl Campground 1 mile towards Glenwood. Turn right on dirt road near logging station. Go 3 miles to Summit Creek Bridge. Cross bridge, proceed upstream until the 30 foot Wonder Falls can be seen on opposite bank. Put in here or continue upstream another 0.5 miles to a junction; cross flats to a sandy beach put-in."

Replace the second paragraph of the Access with "At the Leidl Campground, turn right for the boat ramp take-out or left and go to end of road to a sandy beach." Under Gauge, change "...Pitt Bridge." to read "...Pitt."

Page 203, Map -- correct

Page 203, Run 149 -- At end of description, change "Take out on the right." to read "Take out on right at the concrete boat ramp." Under Gauge, change "...Pitt Bridge." to read "...Pitt."

Page 204, Run 150 -- Under Access, replace "...a pullout where the road is near the river." with "...a public access on the left with no boat ramp." Delete the rest of the paragraph, i.e., "An you can to the river." In next paragraph, change " Klickitat Springs." to read " the town of Klickitat." In next sentence, remove "...the town of..." At end of paragraph, add "An alternate take-out (or put-in) is dirt road about 1/4 mile downstream from the Pitt Bridge." Under Gauge, change "...Pitt Bridge." to read "...Pitt."

Page 221, Run 163 -- Under Access, replace the third paragraph with "The shuttle to the Lake Billy Chinook take-out is about 35 miles, mostly over gravel roads. From Lower Bridge Campground, go upstream about 0.5 mile on Route 14. Turn left onto NFD 1490 and climb Green Ridge. At the junction with NFD 1140 (Prairie Farm Road), head east on 1140. Further east, Prairie Farm Road continues as NFD 1180 and then 1170 to its end at a blacktop road, Route 64, near the lake. Turn left, pass Perry South Campground, and continue another 5 miles to the Monty Campground on the lower Metolius, about 0.5 miles above lake water."

Page 241, Run 181 Lower Deschutes, In July of 1995 an new rapid, Washout, was formed in Mack Canyon about 2 (?) miles below Sherar's Falls. This class III drop can be run on the right.

Page 292, Canal Creek -- Under description, change "...for the upper Quartzville..." to read "...for the lower Quartzville...".

Page 299, Appendix A -- Change the phone number of the River Forcast Center, Portland OR, from "249-0666" to "261-9246". At bottom of the page add "The Internet river flow data from the U.S. Geological Survey, Army Corp of Engineers, and the Idaho and California water offices is summarized daily by Pat Welch into a table that lists the run, its flow, as well as its status, relative to flow levels recommended in this book:

Page 300, Appendix B -- Change the "Oregon Kayak Club" to read "Oregon Kayak and Canoe Club." Under Lower Columbia Canoe Club add "". Under Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club add "". The updates for Soggy can be found at this web site, and at

Page 301, Index -- Change "Canton Creek 77-78, 292" to read "Canton Creek 77-78."