Laurel Hill Valley Citizens

The Laurel Hill Valley is located east of Hendricks Park. It is a neighborhood with a unique character and a diverse population. Laurel Hill Valley Citizens is Eugene's oldest neighborhood organization, and was chartered by the City Council in 1974. We meet quarterly to discuss ways to enhance the quality of life in our valley.

LHVC General Meetings for 2017

  • Winter - Wednesday, February 15, Comfort Inn Suites
    -   6:30 pm Potluck Dinner
    -   7:15 pm General Meeting
  • Spring - Wednesday, May 17, NYC
    -   6:30 pm Plant Exchange
    -   7:00 pm General Meeting
  • Summer - Sunday, date TBA, 5:00 pm, Picnic in Laurel Hill Park
  • Fall - Wednesday, November 15, 7:00 pm, NYC

2016 Executive Committee meetings: 7:00 pm on Jan 4, Apr 5, Jul 5, Oct 4.

Land Use Proposals in the Laurel Hill Valley
-   Laurel Ridge Zone Change Z 15-5

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