Certificate of Organization

"We, Joseph Tondorf, Jr., President, Martin Hasenfuss, Treasurer, and Joseph Holthaus, Julius Malzacker, Gerhard Kranefuss, Henry Funke, Francis Schwendemann, Henry Holthaus, Frederick Bleiler, Caspar Scholtes, Henry Merten, John Ohrenberger, Francis Ehrhart, Adam Lorenz, Tobias Klueber, Charles V. Jaeger, Henry Wessling, Henry Dickmeier being a majority of the Directors of the Germania Co-operative Bank in compliance with the requirements of the twenty-first section of Chapter 116, and the fourth section of Chapter 117 of the Public Statutes, do hereby certify that the following is a true copy of the Agreement of Association to constitute said corporation with names of the subscribers thereto.

"We, whose names are hereto subscribed, do by this agreement associate ourselves with the intention to constitute a corporation according to the provisions of the 117th Chapter of the Public Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the acts in amendment therein of and in addition thereto.

"The name of which the corporation shall be known is the Germania Co-operative Bank.

"The purpose for which the corporation is constituted is accumulating the savings of its members, paid into such corporation in fixed periodic installments, and lending of such funds so accumulated to its members.

"The place within which the corporation is established or located is the city of Boston within said Commonwealth.

"The limit of its capital stock to be accumulated is $1,000,000.00

"In witness whereof, we have hereunto let our hands, this 31st day of August in the year 1885."

Joseph Tondorf, Jr.
Christian Lambrecht1
Frederick Bleiler
Joseph Tondorf
Anton Lehr
Karl Joseph Becker
Henry Merten
Joseph G. Mees
Julius Malzacker
Charles J. Lüttman
Charles V. Jaeger
Francis Schwendemann
Bernard W. Isfort
John F. Hucksam
Hugo G. Gottlich
Ambrose Langguth
Carl Hohmann
Joseph Holthaus2
Heinrich Holthaus
Joseph Nover (?)
Kasimer Reiser
Lewis M. Lehmann
John Hünerfeld
Frank Brüning
August Dierkes
Alois Martin
Joseph Schaff
Joseph Weber
Andreas (?)
Henry Rümker
David Hünerfeld
Anton Oelschlager
Joseph Kunz
Adam Lorenz
Henry Dickmeier
Francis Ehrhart
Joseph Bömer
Martin Hasenfuss
Henry Wessling
John Henry Hampe
Henry Hofner
Tobias Klueber
Jacob Beck (?)
Gerhard Kranefuss
Nicholas Schaff
George Hauck
Nicholas Wilhelm
Jacob Zinsens
Henry Gans
Max Müller
M. Melle
H.B. Greuter
John Pabst
John Ohrenberger
Joseph Kraft
Frederick Schwaab3
Caspar Scholtes
Joseph Spang
Leopold Kohler
William Schultz
Henry Funke
George Helferich (?)
Joseph Bisch
Hermann Beckonert
Henry Bosse
Anton May
Florence Will
Bernhard Mishler
Henry Dirksmeyer
Ludwig Faulstich
Leopold Faulstich
S. George Nagle (?)
William Stuper
August Schubert
Charles G. Kranefuss
Joseph Kranefuss
William Vollmar
Charles Schroth
John Faulstich
Bernard Neyer
Francis H. Kamp
Bernard Wessling
Joseph Schwendemann
Edward W. Lubke
Andrew D. Fickinger
John Gracke
Francis J. Lauinger

"That the first meeting of the subscribers to said agreement was held on the 8th day of September in the year 1885 and by adjournment on the the 14th day of September in the year 1885 and adjourned without a date set for the next meeting.

"In witness whereof we have hereto signed our names, this 14th day of September in the year 1885."

Joseph Tondorf, Jr.
Joseph Holthaus
Henry Holthaus
Henry Merten
Henry Dickmeier
Julius Malzacker
Caspar Scholtes
Franz Ehrhart
Tobias Klueber
Henry Wessling
John Ohrenberger
M. Hasenfuss
Frederick Bleiler
Henry Funke
Gerhard Kranefuss
Adam Lorenz
Francis Schwendemann
Chas. V. Jaeger

"Commonwealth of Massachusetts.                           Suffolk County.                           September 14th, 1885.4
Then personally appeared the above named Jos. Tondorf, J. Holthaus, H. Holthaus, H. Merten, H. Dickmeier, Jul. Malzacker, Casp. Scholtes, F. Ehrhart, T. Klueber, H. Wessling, John Ohrenberger, M. Hasenfuss, F. Bleiler, H. Funke, Gerd. Kranefuss, A. Lorenz, F. Schwendemann, and severally made oath that the foregoing certificate, by these subscribers, is true to the best of their knowledge and belief. Before me, Charles V. Jaeger, Justice of the Peace.

"I hereby certify that it appears upon an examination of the within written certificate and the records of the corporation duly submitted to my inspection, of Chapter 106, and those of the first four sections of Chapter 117 of the Public Statutes, preliminary to the deposit with the Secretary of the Commonwealth, have been confirmed with, and I hereby approve said certificate, this third day of October A.D. 1885."

X   Charles Endicott
Commissioner of Corporations

Charter issued October 3, 1885 to the Germania Co-operative Bank, as a new corporation, No. 2370, a copy of which charter, or certificate of incorporation is recorded in Charter Book, Volume 6, page 2370.       Fee $5.00 paid.



The (?) following some of the surnames indicates that the spelling may not be accurate.

1. He became the first person to hold the office of Secretary for the corporation.

2. He became the first person to hold the office of Vice President.

3. He became the first person to hold the office of German Secretary.

4. It is assumed that this group comprised the first Board of Directors.


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