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Hello! My name is Michael Souther and this is my newer homepage.

Things have been moving forward rather quickly lately; here is a rundown of some recent developments.

The Idle Rich

For the first time in several years, I have a new band. Consisting of Mike Gelardi on keyboards, sax and vocals, Monte Norris on guitar and vocals, Tim Tibbits on bass, Pete Zugelder on drums, and myself on guitar and vocals, The Idle Rich have been practicing hard and have recently begun playing at parties and night clubs.

We are playing all original music, with a lot of variety, energy and improvisation.

If you would like to hear some samples of our music, you can go to the Idle Rich downloads page, here.

Center for Electronic Studying

Since September of 1996, I have been working with hearing impaired and learning disabled students in a program administered by the University of Oregon called Project Connect. I go into the classroom with the student (I'm stationed at Springfield High School) and take notes on a PowerBook, which is linked by infrared connection with a matching one that the student has. They can see what I am typing and I can see what they are typing. Also, we can communicate via a chat box.

We meet one day a week for private tutorial, where we discuss subjects of interest that have come up in class, and explore the capabilites of our computers.

It's a very interesting and rewarding job, and I thoroughly enjoy it.


Also since September of 1996, I have been writing classical music reviews for the local daily newspaper, The Eugene Register Guard. Though I have never written professionally before, I somehow managed to snag this job, probably on the strength of my musical background. I enjoyed writing in college, but never really envisioned doing it in this context.

Anyway, it's not too bad; I get free tickets to a concert (or opera, or whatever) and attend the show. Then, I get up the next morning and write down my impressions. I simply e-mail my review to my editor and, voila! In a day or two it appears in the paper. Fun!

Producing and Recording

I have continued my tenure as a recording engineer at Michael Cooper Recording here in Eugene, working on many projects in the last year.

Recently, one of my clients won a major national award. Barb Stevens-Newcomb has won an American Library Association award for distinguished achievement in venturesome recording! Barb and I co-produced her CD, The Daughters of Ishi-Shini, in the first quarter of 1996.

Former winners of this important award include Pete Seeger and Robin Williams. Congratulations Barb!

Well, that's about it for the major news. If you would like to e-mail me at, click here!

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