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High Quality Hand Crafted Rayon Fiber Rainbow,Lovingly Dyed With Weather Resistant Fiber Reactive Dye.

Four sizes available:
Babies - $6.00.....2 1/2" x 8"
Regular - $10.00.....3 1/2" x 30"
Large - $14.00.....5 1/2" x 40"
Extra-Large - $25.00..... 7" x 60"

I began making Fresh-Picked Rainbows in1982. Each Rainbow is 100% hand crafted. We use Rayon (a natural fiber), Procion dyes for the vibrant colors, high quality Douglas Fir for the wooden mounts, and brass for the top rings. The Rayon is hand-dyed to guarantee that the vibrancy of color lasts many years. Each wooden mount and top ring is worked by hand from start to finish. Quality is emphasized in each assembly process. The luscious feel of the fabric, the brilliant colors and the hand-crafted durability all guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your Fresh-Picked Rainbow.
Found in finer Metaphysical andAlternative bookstores nationwide.
Wholesale inquiries welcome.

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