How many drops...??


Hanging an IV and regulating with just a clamp and gravity is tricky but "do-able".
Using standard IV tubing (10gtt/cc):

100cc/hr = 17gtt/min
200cc/hr = 34gtt/min
300cc/hr = 51gtt/min

If you can just remember that 17gtt/min = 100cc/hr, you'll easily be able to figure out different rates in your head (or on paper).

Here's a tip courtesy of Shannon DeLuca:

D/H x Q = X
D=Desired (dosage you wish to give)
H=Have (dosage or strength of concentration the med is available in).
Q= Quantity (preparation in which drug is available).

ie: Order is given for 375mg of Ampicillin p.o. T.I.D.
The label on the RX contains 30ml, 250mg/5ml:

375mg (D)/ 250mg (H) x 5ml (Q) = 7.5ml

For IV to Gravity: volume/minutes x drop factor (tubing)= drip rate

For IV to Pump: volume/hour = drip volume

IV fluid tonicity

more to come...