Statue of Opal in new Cottage
          Grove Library, donated by South Lane Mental HealthOpal, age 18 - photo touch up by Steve McQuiddy

Discover the Magic & Mystery of Opal

Opal Whiteley Has Been Called

A Genius, a Mystic and a Great Nature Writer

But, Some Say Opal was a Fraud or a Madwoman

Discover ... "The Last Literary Mystery of the 20th Century"

by Stephen Williamson, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Opal at age 9, 1907

NEW!!  UPDATED 11- 2018See Opal's 18 Year Old Unedited Diary Entries Nov 1916

Celebrating 100 Years of The Fairyland Around Us

Opal Whiteley's Fairyland Diaries

Over 180 Newly Uncovered Diary Entries!

Collected By Stephen Williamson

(These PDFs are BIG, With Many Pictures & May Be Slow to Load)

Read The Fairyland Diaries - With Over 300 Research Notes!


View The Diaries Without Notes (Easier Reading Onscreen)

New Research Articles on The Fairyland Diaries

Dating the Diary Entries - Criteria Used for Dates

"Opalisms" - Opal's Unusual Language Style - ESL?

The Secret of Uncle Henry –The Forgotten Hero of Fairyland
Opal’s Mentor and Perhaps Her Real “Angel Father”

Diary Fragment from 1909 Proving Opal’s Diary was Torn Up
A Scrap of Opal’s Original Diary Found in Dorena, Oregon

View the Original Fairyland Around Us Online

Fewer than 50 hard copies of Fairyland are known. Now, you can easily read Opal's entire book!

Boston Public Library's PDF of Fairyland Around Us
The Original Book as Printed by Opal

See David Caruso’s Beautiful Fairyland - (David put the book online first)

Stories Opal Wrote at University of Oregon 1917-1918

These Two Stories were Written as Class Assignments

"A Blue Day" - A Story about a Girl and Her Uncle

A Message About How To Overcome Depression and Feeling "Blue"

"Our Brothers in the Camps" - Opal's Defense of Lumberjacks

Her almost Marxist ringing defense of loggers against a big city businessman

Welcome to the Opal Whiteley Memorial

The Internet Home Opal Whiteley, a.k.a. Francoise Marie de Bourbon D'Orleans

Never Heard of Opal Whiteley?   Read this First!

Read a short bio of Opal Whiteley & learn why so many people enjoy her writings

Look in Opal's Log for News & Research

A Treasure Trove of Links to Explore Opal and Her Writings

See a Fragment of Opal's Lost Diary & Learn More Fascinating Facts

Opal Whiteley Mural -
            uses images of Opal from ages 7, 19 & 72

            Creek Bridge across the Riviere

Explore "Opal's Oregon Fairyland"

View UPDATED OPAL TOUR from the Cottage Grove Historical Society!!
  Explore Fairyland with this tour by Steve Williamson & Alice Christianson
You can download & print this beautiful 2017 Opal Tour PDF
by Alice Christianson, Graphic Artist & Past President of CGHS

Beautiful Mural of Opal in Cottage Grove & & Covered Bridges
View the Mural of Opal in Downtown Cottage Grove

Watch an Opal Whiteley Video Tour of Cottage Grove
Steve directs a 10 min tour of Opal Sights in and around Cottage Grove

2010 BBC Radio and OPB TV Programs about Opal Whiteley

Both the BBC, British Broadcasting System AND Oregon's Public Broadcasting have new programs on Opal!
  You can listen and watch them here! Both are excellent intros to her story.

Watch Online OPB's Oregon Experience TV Program
OPB has done the BEST Opal biography!

Oregon Public Broadcasting TV Show on Opal

Download & Listen to BBC Radio's "Who Was Opal"

RIGHT CLICK to download the 30 minute MP3 audio file here

Opal, about age 3 - 1901

DISCOVER OPAL ONLINE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF OREGONSteve is a research assistant with Opal Online

Visit Opal Online - read her Diary, View Rare Photos & Much More!

Created by Dr. Lynne Anderson & CATE, Center for Advanced Technology in Education
Stephen Williamson was a Researcher on this Project to put Opal's Diary Online
Our Thanks to Dr. Len Hatfield for getting Opal Online back Online!

Listen to Opal's Words & Music

Beauty Attends
The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley

Contemporary folk artist Anne Hills has released a beautiful new CD of Opal's words put to music.
These are not about Opal or inspired by her. Each song is the actual words of Opal Whiteley put to music. Beautiful!
It has many of Opal's best loved passages set to music     HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Order online or in I Tunes

Opal - The Award Winning Musical
Opal's diary was turned into an award winning Broadway musical by Rob Lindsey-Nassif!
He knew Opal Whiteley and played her the songs from the musical.
Rob has devoted years of his life to preserving her memory as she wanted it

Here is the complete Opal Musical from You Tube

OPAL - The Movie

Here is a link to a NEW movie about Opal Whiteley. It is produced by Dina Ciraulo in San Francisco.
They have released trailers and clips on You Tube.

Opal Whiteley on Facebook

Opal has her own Facebook Page!

Visit Opalites Unite on Facebook

Schizophrenia or Autism?  Did Opal have Autism?
Opal spent almost half a century in a mental hospital diagnosed with schizophrenia.
However, I took another look at her and now think Autism/Asperger's Syndrome would be more accurate.


Cover of Katherine
          Beck's new book about Opal

Cover of Katherine
          Beck's new book about Opal


Read our Review of Katherine Beck's Controversial Book, Opal

Read Opal Whiteley's Writings Online

Opal's Diary Online with Pictures!  University of Oregon

The Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE) at the University of Oregon has reprinted her original 1920 diary.
CATE develops learning tools for students around the world. Opal was a student at the UofO in 1917-1918 - perhaps UofO's most mysterious student.
Opal Online is the brainchild Dr. Lynne Anderson. She asked Stephen Williamson to assist in filling Opal's diary with rare photos and text notes.

Read the Fairyland Around Us

"The Fairyland Around Us" was Opal's first book - out of print for 85 years - complete with all photos & drawings. 
Fairyland is the key to understanding much about the life of Opal Whiteley, and a wonderful book to read.
Developed by David Caruso who did a beautiful job with Opal's Fairyland..She self published it in1919.

The Flower of Stars - Opal's 1923 Poems

Opal published these poems in 1923 - shortly before leaving the US.  Here are selections from this rare book.
Jennifer Harper is working to publish a new edition of the poems with notes.

Many Versions of Opal's Diary Available

There are now at least 5 versions of Opal's diary in print - an edition for all ages, including children.  
It has been translated into French, German and Chinese. Stephen Williamson wrote the introduction for the German and Chinese edition

Maeda, from Japan, circa 1902 in Marcola, Oregon

Ping Yang on the Mohawk

The Forgotten Asians of Western Oregon

In addition to researching the life of Opal Whiteley, Steve has written the forgotten history of Asians in early Marcola, Oregon.
Opal lived in Marcola as a small child. Discover where Opal lived before moving to Cottage Grove in 1904.
Read the story of the Ping Yang School bombings
not long before Opal moved to Marcola / Wendling.
Steve is also co-chair of the annual Oregon Asian Celebration's Heritage Exhibit that draws thousands of visitors.

Opal about age 16

See MORE News and Research Updates about Opal Whiteley


Meet Founder, Stephen Williamson

Read Other Stories By Steve

E-mail The Opal Whiteley Memorial


See RARE Pictures of Opal & the People in her Diary!

University of Oregon site with dozens of historic photos collected by Stephen Williamson
see pictures of Sadie McKibben & the Man Who Wears Grey Neckties & is Kind to Mice