Opal's Diary for Students

Schools are finally teaching students about Opal Whiteley! There is a version of Opal's diary for all ages and reading levels. One of the largest publishers of school books, Random House, has developed a teachers guide to Opal's diary!

Her diary is used in classes on diary writing and keeping a journal. Random House recommends it with other classics such as Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl. There are now three versions of Opal's famous journal - an Opal Classic for all ages!  It's also been translated into several languages, German, French and even Chinese. Stephen Williamson wrote the introductions for the German and French editions and Dr. Lynne Anderson was a consultant to the French translation.

Opal's diary was out of print just a few years ago. It was out of print when we started doing event in her hometown of Cottage Grove.  It is very gratifying to see her diary not only back in print - but in many formats!

Ben Hoff's Biography + Opal's DiaryThe Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow

By Benjamin Hoff

For High School & College Students

Benjamin Hoff - best-selling author of the Tao of Pooh has written a wonderful biography of Opal Whiteley. His book also reprints her original diary - in it's original form. This is the best Opal book, and biography available. Lots of pictures and Oregon history!  Benjamin Hoff is the best-selling author of The Tao of Pooh and Teh of Piglet. He often visits Cottage Grove when there is an Opal Celebration.

Opal's Diary for Young ChildrenONLY OPAL - for Young Readers - Elementary School Level

ONLY OPAL, by Jane Boulton with illustrations by Barbara Cooney.

This is a great introduction for younger readers from kindergarten though elementary grades. Artwork by award wining artist Barbara Cooney! This is quite easy for children to read - or to have it read to them. Paperback.

Poerty Version

OPAL, Her Diary in Poetry Form for Middle School & Above

OPAL, by Jane Boulton. First published in 1975 this is an excellent book - especially for lovers of poetry.
Random House Books also has an excellent teacher's guide on-line. See it at:

Random House Teacher's Study Guide for Opal!

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