Photos from Opal's Scrapbook

Rare Photos of Opal & the People in her Diary & Life

Opal, 1907, Unknown School, (Mike Mosby seated in front of Opal)

Opal's teacher at the Walden School in 1907, Miss Williamson
Opal's teacher in,1907


Opal's Class March 27, 1907 - very rare photo

(Opal is in the third seated on the right aisle. Notice how the kids are different ages. This school, like the Walden School had only one room and one teacher for six grades. A bright student - like Opal could learn learn all six grades at one time. We know she advanced quickly in her school.

Opal in the Walden School, 1907


original diary pages - circa 1905

Photo of a Page from Opal's Childhood Diary

Circa 1905 - Perhaps written at Walden School



Faye, Opal & Cloe 

1908 Photo of Opal & Two Sisters, Faye & Cloe

Opal is in the Center - age 10 or 11



Opal & Her Sister Pearl 

Opal & Sister, Pearl - 1914


The Sunshine Fairy - age 16 


Opal -16 "The Sunshine Fairy"



Opal Poses for Hollywood - 1918 

1918 Photo taken for Hollywood

Opal made the Indian dress

and caught the Salmon in the Row River!



opalbook.jpg (10148 bytes) 

Opal Piecing Her Dairy back

for the Atlantic Monthly, 1920




the Man Who Wears Grey NecktiesGeorge Miller (most likely to have been) Man Who Wears Grey Neckties, 1905

"The Man Who Wears Grey Neckties"

Named by Pearl Whiteley & John Wilson

Note Grey Necktie in Right Pic!

Left Picture Taken 1923 


Sadie McKibben on right

The Only Known Photo

of Sadie McKibben

Picture Taken, 1905 - Age, 35

Sadie is in the Center

Other Woman and Boy are

Unknown Neighbors of Opal

Click Here to see the full photo & read about The Lost Grave of Sadie McKibben

opal70.jpg (21214 bytes)opalold.jpg (21282 bytes)Opal in Napsbury Hospital

a Princess Imprisoned


Left Photo - Opal Age 70


Right Photo - Opal Age 85


Star Oregon - where Opal lived when her diary was torn up

Star, Oregon circa 1910

Star was near today's "Rocky Point"

This is where Opal lived when her diary was torn up her younger sisters.

Opal's mother worked at the post office



Opal Wallpaper - 12 Images for Your Desktop!

Images of Opal - as a baby and before she left Oregon.

Our Thanks to David Caruso who put ("The Fairyland Around Us") online for this excellent collage of Opal.

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