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Opal Whiteley, 1907, age 9

Opal Whiteley,  Oregon's Nature Girl Genius

Opal Whiteley Has Been Compared to
St. Francis of Assisi & Indian Princess Pocahontas
But, Some Say Opal was a Liar and a Madwoman
Discover ... "The Last Literary Mystery of the 20th Century

NEW!  The Fairyland Diaries - Over 150 Newly Uncovered Diary Entries!

In 1915 Opal was the most popular teenager in Oregon. She was a magnetic teacher blending science and faith in lectures to thousands of kids
Everyone thought she would be a great teacher or scientist.
Instead, she became Oregon's most Controversial Author. See dozens of historical photos of her life

Old  Joe - Leader of the Boxers against the "High Binders"

Maeda, a friend of the Hayden Family

The Ping Yang School Bombings 1895-1901

This is a true story of the bombing of a school called Ping Yang, near Marcola, Oregon
It was destroyed from an explosive mix of social, religious and racial prejudices
Here is a picture of the man reportedly behind the three bombings


One of the world's largest railroad bridges,              Circa 1924

The Forgotten Japanese Colony at Shotgun Creek

1915 - 1925

Read the forgotten story of the Japanese Colony of Mabel, Oregon (near Marcola). The 1920 US Census has almost 30 Japanese living where the BLM's Shotgun Creek Recreation Area is today. There also is a 1925 article that mentions an entire Japanese Colony and a 1916 list of men drafted for World War I.

This photo shows one of the world's largest railroad trestles, Much of the lumber they cut and milled was sent back to Japan by the Dollar Steamship Company

Punjab Sikhs from India working in lumber mills

Sikh Pioneers from India in Western Oregon

Here are several very rare photos and the story of Punjab Sikhs from India working in a Crawfordsville Oregon lumber mill.  Sikhs and Hindus also worked in other local mills.  This photo is from about 1909. Also, read the story of a young Sikh who in was a student at Berkeley and worked in a lumber mill to earn money for his tuition and PhD.  His immigration case later set a US legal precedent.

How Cerro Gordo Mountain Got Its Name

The Battle of Cerro Gordo, April 18, 1847 in Our Forgotten War with Mexico

Read the fascinating story of how Cerro Gordo, Oregon got its name. There are at least seven other places around the US named for the Battle of Cerro Gordo.
This was the deciding in the Mexican-American War of 1847. But, by the 1970s almost no one in Oregon remembered this often forgotten war. Our American Civil War just 12 years later has overshadowed the memory of our war with Mexico. By this war we gained the states of California and most of the Southwest. A fact that still strains our relationship with Mexico.

Colorful Characters of the Bohemia Gold Mines - Opal Whiteley Knew Several of These Miners

PDF File for Researchers and History Buffs & See YouTube Videos

ancient Magian from Bactria, Afghanistan

The Real Magi

The Real Magi & Zarathustra

You may have sent and received dozens of Christmas cards with their images. Yet, how much do you really know about the Three Wise Men?  This page is unique in telling the Magi's story through their own culture.

The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy calls Zarathustra "the world's first philosopher." They find echoes of his words in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. It has a strong emphasis on protecting the environment,


Stories By Steve

NOTE: These Articles Backed By My Medical Records & Scientific Research

Dancing with Dog Toys!Steve getting ready to dance with dog toys!
Dancing with Dog Toys - Doggone Good Exercise! - YouTube

A few years ago I started stumbling - a lot - and I needed a cane to walk

This exercise is great training for balance - and it's a lot of FUN!  You can do it indoors or outdoors

Dancing with Dog Toys!  Fun Balance Training

My doctor documented weight loss and kept off for
          over 2 years
How to Quit Smoking AND Lose Weight!

If you or someone you loves smokes cigarettes, PLEASE show them this web page.

I have stumbled upon a fairly easy way to do what seems impossible - quit smoking and lose weight.

You can see before and after photos of me from 240 lbs down to 215.  It's my own research (and body).

A Noose On Test For Children & Seniors ?Noose Finally Off Test - What Now?

Noose Finally Off Test For Kids And Seniors After 37 Years! - YouTube

Believe it or not, a noose was on a cognitive test for kids and seniors almost 40 years!

Why was a noose on the Boston Naming Test since 1983?  Why not taken off years ago?

This video is mainly for professionals and students in cognitive sciences and testing

Dancing With Dog Toys In 2015 On Pain Pills

Watch my 2015 video back when I was on opioid pain pills & weighed 175 lbs
Now, in 2020 I have been off pain pills for over 4 years and I weigh 25 lbs more

Dancing with Dog Toys 2015 When Steve Was On Pain Pills - YouTube

Like millions of other people I am a chronic pain patient. I was prescribed opioid pain pills for over 15 years with no problems. Now, I have been off pain pills over 4 years and gained 25 pounds! I am weaker and no longer able to work. These videos are the proof. Pain pills were miracle drugs for me. It's sad watching the videos from 2015, when I was on opioid pain pills, and 2019, after being off medications for three years. I'm a lot slower. But, Dancing with Dog Toys still helps me deal with my pain and my balance.

The War on Opioids has also been a war on chronic pain and cancer patients. Thousands of patients in pain have killed themselves either intentionally or by accidentally overdosing on illegal street Heroin or Fentanyl which they turn to for pain relief after being cut off from their doctor's prescriptions. This war is destroying trust between doctors and their patients.
In the next few years we will be reading of new research that changes what we now want to believe about chronic pain and opioids. Pain medicines save lives.

Mother Nature is always making more chronic pain patients everyday with accidents, diseases and cancer. You, or someone you love, may be the next patient. Shouldn't we have access to real pain relief? Think about it ... and don't forget to dance!


Steve 2006 approx 240

Steve in 2014 approx 175-180Meet Steve Williamson

See Steve's "Academic Experiences" - Short, Funny, Inspiring YouTube Video

 Steve's Academic Experiences - YouTube

Steve was born in 1951 and grew up near Greenwood, Louisiana. He loved to read as a youth, often disappearing for hours into the woods with his dog and books.  He worked railroad construction while at Louisiana State University. In 1975 he moved to Cottage Grove, Oregon.  Working as a "gandydancer" made him appreciate the hard labor that the Asian railroad workers contributed. His sense of justice inspired him to research their stories.

In 1994, Steve founded the Opal Whiteley Memorial in Cottage Grove. Opal Whiteley was a best-selling nature writer in 1921 and grew up near Cottage Grove. He was later asked by the University of Oregon to assist in publishing Opal Whiteley's best-selling diary online. He collected dozens of historical photographs of the people and places Whiteley wrote about. The UO graciously provided support for his work as research assistant through a courtesy appointment. For over a decade he has shown his historic photos and news articles at the annual Oregon Asian Celebration, held each year in February. He is the Chair of the Oregon Asian Celebration's Heritage Committee.

Steve has worked for over 20 years with people who have autism and other psychiatric disabilities.  He has also been been an advocate for the Association For Retarded Citizens (ARC), and the Oregon Mental Health Association. Steve has also given trainings in abuse reporting and client rights. He had to quit work because of chronic pain. BUT, at least he can still dance with dog toys! See his short video  Steve's Academic Experiences - YouTube

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