February 27, 2014, by Paul Dietrich

I'd like to spend a moment going over the videos linked to in the GCHQ SQUEAKYDOLPHIN presentation.


Page 28 and 29 compare the most popular videos, on a set date in Lagos and London. There are many similarities, a heavy tendency toward pop culture, and music videos in particular. A Syrian sitcom turned out to be popular, several episodes of it were linked on youtube. Some of them had been taken down by the copyright police, but it was quite futile, as alternate copies had always been found. One wonders what insight, if any the GCHQ gleaned from looking at all of these videos. Page 30 is a filler slide, which points out that indeed there was not much to learn from these videos, and a more targeted approach is required, this provides a context for the next pages.

Page 31 is much more interesting, it is laden with videos from a rally in Bahrain, Back in February 2012. Pictures of peaceful protest, police brutality, propaganda, and tributes to the fallen. But even here, pop culture invades, especially music videos.

Page 32 returns to pop culture, much as the first two pages, with a bit of sport thrown in, in particular unsportsmanlike behavior, refusing handshakes.

There are some videos that I just was not able to track down, the primary reason being that the codes representing the unique video were not always fully readable.